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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

pictures in the field

week 7

This week has been a crazy mix of not knowing what is going on and just flat out not understanding at all. It is so frustrating not understanding people and I sometimes wonder if I will ever get this but I've got to remember that I have only 7 weeks learning Portuguese. We live with the zone leaders, and the one is from Enoch Utah, he told me when he got to the field he spoke less Portuguese than I do so maybe there is hope for me . We speak Portuguese all the  time so that helps a lot. that's way cool you went up to surprise grandma. i don't get letters or packages only on transfers and when someone has a meeting so email is all we got right now.. If you could send me some candy and cookies and a tide to go pen or two haha. i have a lot more time to email though so it is better.
ha I live in the poor area though. so no shopping malls no burger kings haha but the food that the members feed us is way better than burger king any way.  In Salvador there is a burger king and McDonald's the whole works but my area is the slums haha it is so crazy here because its so ghetto then a brand new car will drive by or you will walk into a house that is made of  wood and they will have a flat screen tv with a PlayStation haha. the members here are awesome .... you guys need to feed the missionaries because it is such a blessing to have members feed us. Last Sunday my companion had to talk in sacrament and I had to bare my testimony I had a lot of members tell me I spoke  well and they understood me so I was happy. Most the time during our lessons I speak and then Elder Hubbard tells them what I said haha because they don't understand me but I am getting better. It is really really hot here but I am getting more accustom too it I am getting tan haha. I didn't take many pictures this week because our roommates the zone  leaders got robbed in the middle of the day so I have been careful about my camera. We made pancakes today they were awesome.
Love Elder Winn