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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

week 32

so i just have been getting awesome things from you this week. first wed. i got a package with DR PEPPER!!!!! i almost cried haha you have no idea. and the cheese cake. it was so awesome. then today you are telling me that i going to have a truck when i get home haha. does it get any better. haha. this week was great and bad at the same time. we worked really hard all week and had some good investigatores to go to conference with us then here they had elections and i dont know why but any excuse they can find they use to have a party and the roads were compleatly filled with drunk people and cars with giant speakers. haha there was paper with candidate people averywhere it was seriously crazy. so yeah nobody whent to conference. i was really bumbed. but conference was awesome even with the babalonia outside the spirit was so strong inside the church. conference isnt as good in portuguese but it still is amazing to hear the words of the  prophets. here in brazil the age for boys was already 18 so its not as big a deal here, except for the girl part. i liked the talk sat. where they said just ask the missionaries haha. it was like yeah it would be a lot easier if people would just ask us. and i liked jeffery r holland, he is such a champ. Do you love me? haha powerful. thats sweet that you guys finished the calf ally. we started about 2 years ago haha. but hey better late than never. really six weeks in the ctm is all anyone needs. you can only learn so much there then you have to get out in the field to learn. but yeah teach kycen how to take care of himself and respect other peoples stuff. if he acts like my comp i will fly to wherever he is and kick his butt personally. if you want to help him help him read the bok of mormon every day. really have no better way to learn about anything. i am reading it only in portuguese right now. i am in 2 nephi !!! haha. i feel like i am getting the language. i am trying to get better at writting and pronuncing things. i miss you guys and hope you have a good week. is there anything that you guys want from brazil for christmas?

Haha I wasn't sure dr pepper would get there so glad it did I will send some more for Xmas. We don't need anything. When we come I want to get some of those scripture cases like you got.  We loved that talk to about ask the missionaries ill bet some didn't haha. Could you see the video from Ryder he misses you when in the mornings and always wants to send ya videos I knew you would love that package haha  just keep praying they  will come 
Love ya mom

haha dr pépper mt dew anything haha. the best thing ever haha. every american was freaking out hahah. he has dr pepper! yeah it was funny. yeah i got it and tell him that i love it and i love him so much and that i wan thim to eat some mcdonald breakfast for me because they dont have it over here.

On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 5:21 PM, Shelly Winn <> wrote:
K I will you will have to let me know when you transfer in three weeks how many companions and I will send a box with nothing but pop haha so do you ever get to see elder Hubbard any where?  Also what is your password to your side of the computer it is crashing and I have to reload a bunch of stuff.  You should see Labron did dad tell ya he has been heeling on him he stops so good you  will have a lot of colts to take to collage haha

haha the problem is that i have to share with them .haha yeah i see him sometimes . hey whats my blog email. and i dont remember what my password is. haha. i have been like day dreaming everyday about heeling on lebron haha.
 I don't think he wants to share haha there are just somethings you never share!

week 31

hey yeah that is right on my account you will have to remember that and ask me about it when i get home haha. i am glad you are getting some time to sit and relax haha. i miss mexican food. salsa sounds so good. here they dont even have tacos ! yeah its terrible haha . Daniel compleatly fell through i dont know really what happened he just doesnt want to talk to us anymore. he will be babtized one day just not by us . that is awesome that they had a sunday like that where the members brought people. that is one thing that i will be better at when i get home is helping the missionaries here we havent been getting a lot of help from the members lately. they all make excuses that they dont have time or something like that. but really it is more of our responsability to bring people to the gospel as it is the missionaries. we worked way hard this week and talked with so many people it seemed like nobody wanted to talk to us and we didnt find anybody good. we were murmmering a little bit because noody wanted to hear the gospel. then we read in alma aout the sons of mosiahs and we havnt been thrown in jail yet so we are doing pretty good i decided. it sounds like you needed me there to pull through for you guys at the actra finals haha. . oh and kycen can have the phone . when i get home it will be outdated any ways. and from the pictures that grandma sent it looks like he is stilling all of my clothes anyway . thay is way cool that he did good in golf. so i hope that i will get packeges tomorrow. the mail men were on strike last week for a couple of days so i think that is why it has been taking so long. every one here is so lazy they dont want to work so they just go on strike. since i have been here the police, teachers, bus drivers, mail men, and the banks have gone on strike. haha. my shorts are good. i could use some white shirts, garmets drilux everything crew cut, and some ranch mix haha. maybe some more medicine. like dayquil and stuff for stuffy nose. and emergan-c . i love you guys and hope you have a good week . i miss you and tell everyone i love them