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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

week 36

haha do i have to send a letter? i dont like writting letters haha. it is wierd writting things knowing that when it gets to where i want it there will be a lot more things in it that have all ready changed. if my gun is not in my room in my closet or downstairs then it is still in quinns trailer, but i am pretty sure that i took it inside. my companions name is Elder D. Trindade. yeah just so you know i have never wanted to tell any of my companions that they were compleat idiots (haha maybe part idiot but not compleatly) until now haha. yeah i am needing to learn a lot more about being patient. this week was tough but i think things are getting better. it really helps a lot that i live with two other americans so if i get really annoyed i can just talk about it in english with them. i bought a new camera last saterday. it is pretty good. cameras here a lot more expensive but my companion said it was a good price for here. tell kycen i said to suck it up and be a man. haha. he will do great and could play JV if he decides to work hard. i am going to try to get a package for you guys in the mail this week i am trying to get a few more things this week before i send it though. so yes jose and valdecy were the family that i all ready babtized and i they moved. Junior and Luciane are the family who we are teaching right now. yeah luciane is pregnent. Lucia is awesome but i dont think she could send here kid to yeah... besides do you really want two kycens in the house. tell kycen and ryder that i love them. i am so greatful for you guys. thank you for everything that you do for me. i love you have a good week.

Elder Madsen Taylor's second transfer is now there new zone leader and living with him.  He is way excited about that and since his mom couldn't teach him patience (Lord knows hers are short lol) the Lord will teach him. Or maybe he wants Taylor to learn to talk less and listen more ???? hum not sure that can happen. But we have great faith in him that he will be able to help this Elder become the great man he can.

week 35

haha yeah i am glad that your week got better. The only good part about mine was that we found a really awesome investigator, named Monaliza. junior and luciene are still doing good. i hope they will be babtized this week. Jose and valdecy moved to another area. i didnt get transfered i will stay here in barbalho one more transfer. i now know how dad always felt when he got the problem child in his class. my new companion is the problem child of the mission. Basically i was told that i am his last chance. if i cant help him change he has to go home. i hope i can help him but it isnt going to be easy haha. do you think Heavenly father is trying to teach me patcience ? so when can i go buy a new camera? i am so tierd this week. we have been working so hard. i know the lord will bless us with more babtisms if we keep working hard. this week will be stake conference here. there will be an area 70 here so that will be cool. i hope that we can keep finding good people, and have a good transfer here. so i need to take a picture and send to you of Lucia she is my titia ( aunt) she is so awesome. she has a kid that is 11 that is exactly like kycen. she wants to know if you want to take him in because you all ready know how to handle it. haha she reminds me a lot like jenny!i will send you guys a package here in a couple weeks for christmas. christmas will be so wierd without snow haha. i love you guys and hope you have a good week. i will try my best to have a better week this week haha.

perfect i will buy one this week then and i can send you pictures of me and my new comp and all our babtism that i will have. i love you oh i will forward you this story that joseph sent me
Story from Joseph Kimball,
Hey elder! I hope you are baptizing the pure in heart!!! I am sure that's what you are doing..I am roping and doing teeth and shoeing horses.
I recently went to a ranch In New Mexico. There I bought a Painthorse and went on a ride on the ride I learned that my friend I bought the Painthorse from would get up every morning Saddle a Horse Milk 2 cows and ride 6 miles to the bus stop. The bus stop was 6 miles from his house. The 6 miles included a canyon and some pretty rocky terrain. He would get to the bus stop unsaddle put him in a Corrall get on the bus and ride the bus 17 miles to school. He did that for three years in high school. By the way he would ride  the bus 17 miles home Saddle is horse ride 6 miles in the canyon get home unsaddle his horse milk two cows eat dinner and go to bed.
I was amazed at the sacrifice he made to go to high school. Later in life he started to tiedown rope. I mean after high school and started rodeo when I asked him what events he participated in and he said if they had an event I entered it. So I asked what was your best event. He answered Bull Riding.

After a long discussion about Lots of things He told me a story about match roping a Pro this was in 1970s he matched a pro Calf Roper $20,000.10 head match. He won the match and the man who put up the money gave him $8000.
This man married a member of the church and raised a family. He was not a member of his children went on missions and married. Two of them are sealed in the temple they live in a remote area in New Mexico.

They live in the boundaries of a small branch and his oldest son got called to be the branch president. He called his dad one night and said dad I need a favor his dad said anything son. He said I need you to teach Gospel doctrine every Sunday for me. Remember he was not a member of the church.

He said okay son I'll do it. He taught gospel doctrine for two years. One Sunday they had Branch conference the stake president brought a regional representative. After the branch conference on the way back to the stake presidents home the stake president asked the regional representative have you ever been taught gospel doctrine by a nonmember. The regional representative said I don't think so the stake president said today you have.

The regional representative said I don't believe that man will not be a member much longer. The man was baptized two weeks later in the stock tank on the ranch it was February.

When I came in to that families life the man who was baptized in the stock tank and taught gospel doctrine for two years while he was not a member was the branch president!!

He has taught me much about horses and life I wanted to share his story with you so that you can do what Pres. Monson asked us to do he said, we must see people as they may become and not as they are. While you were on a mission you are looking for the next branch President.
You must see men as they may become and not as they are and then believe in them and God will help them be who they should be.

I'm sure you are a great missionary and that the Lord is proud of you !continue to please him it will bring you great happiness.

I apologize for taking so long to email you!
 your brother Joseph

week 34

haha yeah even with all your problems there i still have you beat here haha. my week was a week of problem after problem and it is still going into this week. so first we taught junior and luceaine all week long and they are so awesome. they have a testimony about the book of mormon and everything, but they didnt want to be babtized yet. one she is pregnant so she got sick and couldnt go to church last week and they just dont feel ready yet. so all week we were working hard hard then they didnt even go to church, but they will be babtized for sure. i just dont know when now. but sunday is when the problems came. first jose alberto and valdecy got in a bad situation. the boss of jose. ran out on the job he was working on. so he didnt get paid for the last month of work. their land lord came and told them that he has to have the house and he wants them out. the bad part is the didnt make a contract with him so if he shows up with a pistol they have no choice they will be on the streets. so the church decided to help they so we have been in the middle of them helping them find another house and everything. the good part is that the reliefe society president here is awesome so she has helped a lot. the worst part of the week is the part were you are going to kill me. ...... i was robbed. .... in the church!!!!!! yeah i cant believe it either. i took my camera with me to church because i thought that we were going to have the babtism of junior then after church the president of the reliefe society called us into a meeting  and i set my bag in the sacrament room. then we left and i didnt even look to see if it was there. when i got home i didnt have it any more. so the last two days i have been running around like a crazy person interigating everyone. ... one thing i must have really changed all ready because i havnt swared or kicked anything yet. i havnt thrown anything. everyone is like how are you so calm and i really dont have any idea how. i am almost sad for whoever stole it because i know they will have to pay for it in the end. imagine when you have to watch the video of your life with God and he askes you ok what were you thinking here. robbing from a representative of Jesus Christ inside the church. ... the end of the world is comming haha. but yeah so i know what i need for my birthday and chrismas.... a new camera. .. i think it will be easier and cheeper if i just buy one here. so i want to hear how the rest of the roping go. yeah i am missing it haha. i cant believe its all ready been a yeah since we were there last year. i cant wait tell i get to go back and redeem myself from how bad i roped last year. so yeah what do you want me to do about a camera? let me know how it goes. tell everyone i say hi. tell tj i want to know how he didn't win the open and to email me.  i love you have a good week.