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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

week 34

haha yeah even with all your problems there i still have you beat here haha. my week was a week of problem after problem and it is still going into this week. so first we taught junior and luceaine all week long and they are so awesome. they have a testimony about the book of mormon and everything, but they didnt want to be babtized yet. one she is pregnant so she got sick and couldnt go to church last week and they just dont feel ready yet. so all week we were working hard hard then they didnt even go to church, but they will be babtized for sure. i just dont know when now. but sunday is when the problems came. first jose alberto and valdecy got in a bad situation. the boss of jose. ran out on the job he was working on. so he didnt get paid for the last month of work. their land lord came and told them that he has to have the house and he wants them out. the bad part is the didnt make a contract with him so if he shows up with a pistol they have no choice they will be on the streets. so the church decided to help they so we have been in the middle of them helping them find another house and everything. the good part is that the reliefe society president here is awesome so she has helped a lot. the worst part of the week is the part were you are going to kill me. ...... i was robbed. .... in the church!!!!!! yeah i cant believe it either. i took my camera with me to church because i thought that we were going to have the babtism of junior then after church the president of the reliefe society called us into a meeting  and i set my bag in the sacrament room. then we left and i didnt even look to see if it was there. when i got home i didnt have it any more. so the last two days i have been running around like a crazy person interigating everyone. ... one thing i must have really changed all ready because i havnt swared or kicked anything yet. i havnt thrown anything. everyone is like how are you so calm and i really dont have any idea how. i am almost sad for whoever stole it because i know they will have to pay for it in the end. imagine when you have to watch the video of your life with God and he askes you ok what were you thinking here. robbing from a representative of Jesus Christ inside the church. ... the end of the world is comming haha. but yeah so i know what i need for my birthday and chrismas.... a new camera. .. i think it will be easier and cheeper if i just buy one here. so i want to hear how the rest of the roping go. yeah i am missing it haha. i cant believe its all ready been a yeah since we were there last year. i cant wait tell i get to go back and redeem myself from how bad i roped last year. so yeah what do you want me to do about a camera? let me know how it goes. tell everyone i say hi. tell tj i want to know how he didn't win the open and to email me.  i love you have a good week.

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