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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Nice Hair cut Taylor
He said they were roasting marshmellows in the corner. 

Week 49

haha yeah but we wouldnt play it with beach balls. that takes away the purpose. besides i am the worse one because brazilians and argintinans only know how to breath ant play soccer so we dont break stuff hahah. yeah Hubbard only has 12 more weeks left. i think the 6 week program will start this year and he whent into the ctm in december. it would suck he passed christmas in the ctm. and there you cant call home. it gets dark here at like 6 630 . it was so crazy hot this week. it was 124 degrees two days this week. it is so hot. like you cant even go outside during the afternoon. haha i remember martins cove. it was way fun i still remember all the crazy stuff we did. but we still learned so much. yeah i never whent sking with them. i all ways had ball. that cool you guys had fun though. i think i would have given anything to see dad try to ice skate hahaha, you guys are ice skating and i could cook an egg on the sidewalk where i am. hahah. yeah me and Tangren have a lot in common. we get along good. he is a good missionary. he is a different from me though because he has problems talking to people. he speaks portugese good for not much time but he just doesnt like talking to strangers. so you know me i make him start talking to everyone, and yesterday i made him bare his testamony in church haha. this week michele wasnt babtized but for sure will be this week. she has so much faith. she was smoking 10 cigaretts a day. we taught her the word of wisdom thursday, and hast touched one since. it is so amazing to me how some people can trust in us and in the Lord so much. i think about how i would react if i wasnt a member and the missionaries taught me the comandments and i think i wouldnt accept them as easy as some people. like michele. we have still been sick a little this week. hopefully we get better soon. we are going to have at least 3 babtisms in the next two weeks. we are going to have a wedding next week and then they are going to be babtized. i am so excited. it will be my first wedding . i love you guys have a good week.

week 48

hey so this week was good. it was a long one. with the trip to salvador and everything. then to make it all worse we all got sick the last two days. we are getting better now though. Really one thing that i have learned is it is not about what you know now. its about what you are going to learn today.  just focus on learning them better today. Elder Tangren he stayed 9 weeks in the ctm so he speakes a little more than i did when i got here but i still think that 6 weeks is better because when i had 9 weeks i think i spoke more. It is funny some times to think that i was like that at one time. babling off not making much sense, but somehow people still understand what you are trying to say. i know that this is the Lords work or there would be noway that two Americans with less than a year studying a new language could preach and baptize people. we have one person that might be baptized this week. her name is Michele . make sure you guys pray for her so that everything will go right.
yeah i gooffed off with my rope but didnt rope anything . sharom told me that next time we go he will let a goat out to see if i can catch it. i was hoping to get to go there today but i think it wont be tell next week. it is mostly a fruit farm but they have a lot of animals too. i got to try a lot of fruits that you have never even heard of haha. yeah they were the elders that i lived with . . That is so terrible about Kortney . i didnt see it until today. i will be sure to pray for her. tell her i said hi. and that i mis her. i hope she gets better. so they banned soccer on our mission. it really sucks but you no me, we made up a new game that we can still play. in our house we still have a hammock in the middle of the room. so we clear out all the stuff and we play foot vollybal haha. it gets a little crazy sometimes. i will have to video it some day its pretty funny to watch. i love you guys i hope you have a good week.