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Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 92-94

This week was absolutly crazy. I have had every emotion you can think of. Well yesterday I got to church and bishop was like oh Elder Winn you will be talking today. I asked him for how long? He said well I dont know yet. 5 or 10 min. I will tell you when its your turn. The funny thing is that I choose to talk exactly about faith. I think it is the principle that I have learned the most about. THen at santa Barbara I got there and what do you know I was asked to talk again. hahahaha Yeah it will be three times in two weeks. I talked about the holy ghost in santa barbara though. I wont lie to you guys I cried like a baby last night. I will miss it so much here. the people are so awesome. The same pain that I felt when I had to leave you guys to come here I am feeling for the people here. I am for sure not ready for the clod and the snow but I am excited to see you guys. I will go to Salvador tomorrow morning. I will stay at the staff house then on Wednesday we will visit some tourist sites. If you could put a little money in my account that would be nice. Like just enough to travel and stuff. I miss you but will see you all soon. I love you all. ..... oh yeah WE BAPTIZED!!!

I am scared that I dont know how to talk in english any more. I really think that I dont remember how to talk about the gospel in english. In portuguese its easy to talk even without planning, but english I dont know. ..... how are you guys? What you guys gonna do this week.

Week 91

It really hadn't fallen through for me yet until this Sunday. I was still the same missionary as ever doing the same stuff as ever. Then I went to bare my testimony and I realized. This would be the last time I ever bare my testimony in a sacrament meeting in Portuguese. After I bared my testimony I almost cried. I didn't think that I would get emotional at the end of my mission.I thought that it would be like every other transfer. I am sure that I will cry several times this week. I am almost crying just reading your email. I know that I will give it all I got like i have already been doing, but it still isn't the same knowing that next week I wont be here anymore. I love the people here so much. Like if it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't want to come home. This week we baptized Rafaela. We had several other people to be baptized but they fell through at the last min or their parents wouldn't give the authorization. I love the city of Santa Bárbara so much. Rafaela is from their too. I will give it my all this week dont worry about me. I will see you guys in just a little while.
I got a response from the lady from uvu. she said that she released my transcript so you can sign me up for the class. As far as the coats you can bring them both hahahahaha. I am going to go buy a bunch of stuff to take home today. I will get you guys some cool stuff. I will send you some pictures of our baptisms these last couple weeks. I love you all so much have a good week. 
PS. for sure I will buy a dr pepper in atlanta. Its just to pass the time though. Elder Tangren gave me on last saterday!!!! i LOVE his mom too. hahahah. 

Week 90

This week was good. We worked hard like normal. We had the first baptism ever held in the city of Santa Bárbara!! For the very first time in history the sign of the preisthood was raised in that town. It was so cool. Her name is Luclésia, She choose me to baptize her.I was so proud of her faith and confidence in the Lord. She has never even seen the church. She has been to the group meetings three times where we hold our meetings in a garage, and she still had the faith to recieve an answer from God and made the decision to be baptized. I will try to send you some pictures. We baptized her in a swimming pool of a person that we made our friend for that reason .... baptize in his pool hahahaha. Here are some names for you. Rafaela, Taislange, Verônica, João, Emili, Emerson, Tainara, Juarez, Lucia, Fabíola, Tailane, Eduardo, Luan, Maria, and, Fernando. These are the people that we want to baptize this week. Our Goal is 10 baptisms so all your prayers will help us out for sure. 
As far as school I think that it will be better if you email her from my email. One I dont have a lot of time today, since we have to send in a report about all the Elders and Sisters, and two I will probably spell something wrong for sure and they dont have spell checker in english here. hahahaha. 
I am trying not to think about when I get home too, but its really hard. I am working like normal, I am not letting it get to me, but every once in a while thoughts enter about home hahaha. I think I want to eat at a simple place, like a mexican restaurante. Yeah mexican for sure hahahaha. Its been a long time since I ate Mexican. That is way funny about the bathroom though. I all ways used yours anyway hahaha. It will be good to have a shower that works though. I cant believe that in about two weeks I will see you guys. I am excieted. Bring a coat for me. I love you all. Have a good week. 

week 89

Hey Family,
I am doing good. It seems like when we are doing good and think that we have everything figured out we always need to be humbled a little bit to remember who is really in charge. Last week we baptized without any investigatores and this week we had 4 baptisms fall through. This is the first week in 7 weeks that we didnt baptize. It was really tough to swallow. I know that we didn't baptize because we didn't have enough faith or we forgot to do something during the week. We have like 5 baptisms for sure this week though. I know that I wont let anything get in our way this week. I don't want to feel this way again in these last three weeks. As far as me talking on the 15th that is even better. I will get it out of the way. Talking has never been a problem for me. I think that I will need David in the front row though. I think that it might be the hardest part is remember the words in English. Let me know my topic. It is good to have a topic. I wouldn't like just talking about anything. the mission is so long and we have so many experiences that it would be really hard to put a talk together that is within the time frame and has a point. School looks good. I don't even know how any of that stuff works anymore so when I get home I will be able to look at it a little better. Elder Ilustre got his package this week, but I didn't. I will probably get it the first week in December. 
Last week we went to the boonies. it was cool to get out into ranch country. I will send you some pictures. I think that I will sell my camera before I come home. I dont think that I will use it and its not that good of a camera. There is a member here who is going on his mission in February and is needing one. I will sell it for the price that I bought it for. Today I am going to see jaci so I will tell her hi for you. I love you guys. So you guys know that I will be home on fri. like about 1 o clock. What are your plans for when I get there. Are we going to go straight home? I will need to be released so I need to know if I should ask president to release me or if i will be released at home? I love you guys tell Ryder that I am stoked to sleep in our bed again. I love you all.