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Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 91

It really hadn't fallen through for me yet until this Sunday. I was still the same missionary as ever doing the same stuff as ever. Then I went to bare my testimony and I realized. This would be the last time I ever bare my testimony in a sacrament meeting in Portuguese. After I bared my testimony I almost cried. I didn't think that I would get emotional at the end of my mission.I thought that it would be like every other transfer. I am sure that I will cry several times this week. I am almost crying just reading your email. I know that I will give it all I got like i have already been doing, but it still isn't the same knowing that next week I wont be here anymore. I love the people here so much. Like if it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't want to come home. This week we baptized Rafaela. We had several other people to be baptized but they fell through at the last min or their parents wouldn't give the authorization. I love the city of Santa Bárbara so much. Rafaela is from their too. I will give it my all this week dont worry about me. I will see you guys in just a little while.
I got a response from the lady from uvu. she said that she released my transcript so you can sign me up for the class. As far as the coats you can bring them both hahahahaha. I am going to go buy a bunch of stuff to take home today. I will get you guys some cool stuff. I will send you some pictures of our baptisms these last couple weeks. I love you all so much have a good week. 
PS. for sure I will buy a dr pepper in atlanta. Its just to pass the time though. Elder Tangren gave me on last saterday!!!! i LOVE his mom too. hahahah. 

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