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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Week 41

I don't have a lot of time today but wanted to let you know that i am going to Petrolina and that my companion is named Elder Ferriera, he is a Brazilian and he was in the ctm with me . I am pumped to go there, they all say good things about Petronila. they say it is was hot there though. that kinda sucks I am going there during the summer time. they say that there isn't as much humidity there so it will feel more like home. I will write you some more tomorrow. i love you. cant wait to see me saddle.
no it is not the same Ferriera. This Elder Ferreira that I am with he is a Brazilian. he is way cool though. it is way cool here. I am liking it. it is really hot though. I live with three Brazilians. none of them speak English haha. it will be awesome though i am so excited. my saddle looks. good.. I got 4 packages this week. two on Wednesday and two yesterday. I had to open them all though haha. the first two because I couldn't fit them in my bag and the others because I am impatient hahaha. I freaking loved them. thank you guys so much. we will be having a Christmas conference this next week so i will be able to get anything else that gets here soon. and then once a month the zone leaders go to Salvador so its about normal. this last week with my companion, our Pres. feels he should stay to have a successful life I know that he will love your package to him. how was Vegas? I watched the highlights of the first five rounds yesterday haha. yeah we all ready have a place hooked up to skype you guys. he is our ward mission leader. he served a mission in New Jersey so its sweet he speaks English. i am way excited to get to work here. oh i all most forgot to tell you that our pday is going to be moved from Tuesday to Monday so next Monday I will email you . tell everyone. I hope you guys have a good week. love you all and miss you.