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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week 82

How was the actra finals? or is it this weekend? This week was a lot of running around. We did a lot of splits in other areas. It was hard because we weren't able to stay in our area as much as we wanted to . I am loving it here. Especially the fact that I get to eat in the houses of members every day. I got so sick of mall food. This week was good. One funny thing that we had to do is our water tank that is in the ground at our house .... well it didn't have a good lid. So a lizard got into the tank and died. Well we weren't able to drink the water until all the water drained and we were able to clean it. Well Tuesday it finally drained all the way. Well luckily for me I wasn't the skinniest in the house. We put Elder Graça down inside the tank. One bucket at a time we emptied out the water completely and then Elder Ferreira climbed down inside to clean it out too. Now we have a clean water tank and drinkable water. It was funny because in our pictures you will see that the white guys weren't the ones who went down in the whole to work hahaha. We were laughing because Without thinking about it it was the black guys went down in the whole. This week we worked hard all week and were able to help some other missionaries in our zone baptize. We were not able to baptize this week though. Hopefully today or Monday we will be able to baptize Ablterto he is a young man. Please pray for him. I love  you guys hope you have a good week.