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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week 51

good morning. this week was really good. we were very busy but it was all worth it. yeah you understood right. they were investigators that had to get married first to get baptized so Friday was there wedding then sat. they were baptized. it was so cool. it was the first wedding i have been to here in Brazil. Carnaval was chill here. lucky for me i was in Petrolina hahaha. here it was a dessert. every store was closed and there was nobody in the streets. it made it hard to work because there were no people in the streets and those that were were all drunk but we had a lot of work with the baptism and wedding to help them. its getting a little cooler here but not really hahaha. that is cool about Brandon's talk. i am so stoked that all my friends are going on missions. it was such a surprise to me how many people decided to go after i left. i really like that idea about the shoes and how you compared it to the gospel. it is really good sometimes to remember where we came from and remember why we started living the gospel. yeah we are all better now . we were all sick but that was a couple weeks ago. yeah this is the last week of this transfer but i will probably stay here. i bet Marcolino will leave our house. In the picture of the Mohawk we were roasting marshmallows there hahaha. yeah that is behind our house. so one thing that i thought was cool this week. We were at the wedding of marjoy and Jeferson. I was talking to Jeferson and he was like "tomorrow will be a huge day" the day of his wedding and he realized that the baptism was going to be the big part of his week. i thought that was way awesome. then we were talking to their nephew and he had just gotten back from EFY and he now wants to be baptized so we are planning to baptize him this week! I know that i am here for a reason and that there are people here that are waiting for me. it still doesn't make me miss rodeo hahaha. like before i all ways wanted to go hard and try to make the world, but i don't know. now i know that it what i want to do. i have to try. but its getting better. i am missing it but its not getting in my way to work or anything. you can tell Dave Peterson that i understand the music now so i must be learning the language hahaha. the bad part is that i wish that i didn't understand the music hahaha. here in Bahia they have a kind of music that is not very clean hahaha. it was better before i understood it hahaha. but i love you guys i miss you and hope you have a good week. hey only three more months and i get to talk to you guys again. 

A wedding the Elders helped with