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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Taylor Trainer

We knew he'd find a way to ride a horse  well close enough

week 47

hey this week was good. we did a lot of awesome things. first of all i think my emails are long just because i have to answer all of your questions hahaha. actually there are a lot of scriptures even in the bible that talk about God having a Dad or us becoming Gods if you  look you can find them. That is so cool though that you are learning and you are helping your girls. it is so cool when you see a change in people. so this week we went to the farm of one of the members here. it was so cool. they had so many fruits there and animals, even you favorite.... snakes hahaha. we had a bet who could catch the most fish. the whites vs the blacks. ... the whites one. . we caught a stick and some leafs. lucky for us the blacks didnt catch anything. hahah. so monday a had to go to salvador. we had transfers i am now training a new elder. so i had to ride the bus all night monday sat in salvador and rode the bus all night last night. it has been a long last couple of days. my new companions name is Elder Tangen. He is from moab. he seems pretty cool. he doesnt speak hardly any portugese. i remember when i was in his shoes and didnt know anything that was going on. yeah the first time that i did ab ripper x i couldnt walk straight the next day hhaha. i need to get working out more hahah. i do good for a week then i get lazy haha. i got three packages yesterday. i got the one you sent with shorts, and one from aunt lisa and one from teigan. it was so cool. it was like christmas here. we have so much candy and food now haha.i am doing good. i am excited to put my new companion to work and show him how it is here on the mission. It is going to be really hard but fun. it will be frustrating i think because i will be the only one that people understand. i am sure i will have some good stories for you next week. i hope you guys have a good week. i love you