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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Brazil Salvador Mission
Caixa Postal 6946 Pituba
41830-355 Salvador  BA Brazil

 Packages mail to:
Brazil Salvador Mission
Av. Antonio C. Magalhaes, 3247
Mailbox 4946
Sala 402 Pituba
41830-355 Salavador BA Brazil

week 54

hey this week was good. it was really hot. we spent a lot of time knocking doors in the sun. we found some really good people though so it was worth it. so yesterday we went to Elder Hubbards house and hung out wiht him for pday. that was cool. he goes home in 9 weeks! that is so crazy to me. i also got my package you sent me ! i have already watched my video like three times haha. i loved the package and am convinced that i have the best family in the world and definatly the best mom. i did ´90x today and made it about half the way through the first cd and about threw up haha. it was so freaking hard haha. i am still having a hard time seeing you guys going to a concert. haha. that is good that kycen won some money. tell him that he has to handle them . if he handles them for wayce they will win. tell him it is not like me i lucked out and had quinn behind me and didnt have to handle them all that well hahahaha. the weeks are passing by really fast here. i think that it is getting hotter though. i hope that i get transfered to a little bit cooler place haha. if that exists here. oh i wanted to know what the medicine was that was in the package that you sent me? how should i use it? i hope you guys have a good week have fun in the snow and get feeling better. i love you guys.