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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

week 42

sorry i know that i said that my pday is on monday, but since we had a christmas party today it got moved back to tuesday for this week. My birthday was chill it was wierd it was so hot that it didnt even feel like my birthday. i dont think i have ever had a birthday without snow. this week was good. i am liking it here. it reminds me a lot of arizona. its hot but its the hot that i am use too. that is funny about annie. you got to put kycen on here first. alothough kycen probably would have been bucked off haha. i am not sure what time it will be on christmas. i will email you guys probably in the morning and tell you that i am on. youi were right about my last area. i didnt really like it that much. i think it was because i just dont like the city. here is more chill.the cookies were good. the sugar cookies were a little wierd. i got the cherry feeling but i didnt get the cheese cake? so i am so stoked to talk to you guys next week. i wont write a bunch right now because i can tell you everything next tues. i love you guys have a good week.
 I asked him which packages he got and this is what he said:
yeah i got kid ropes but the christmas book just had the guy talking on it i think that it lost your recording. i got the one with the shirts. i dont know? maybe it will come in the next box. i wont get another box until the next year!! (yeah i got that one. that is a good idea i think that i will do that i will record on it and give it to somebody. or send it back) . how your day today.
 yeah i got the one from grandma and it worked it was so cool. i loved it. yeah i just got done watching the highlights of the nfr haha. i couldnt stop myself from doing it haha.
  haha that looks so nice. Christmas will be so wierd without snow. ( I sent him a picture from my phone of the snow we are getting)
. yeah i got the ornaments. thank you so much i love you have a good week talk to you in a week.

Some have asked about Taylor's spelling I had a mom tell me in South America the keyboards are really bad most of the time the space bar doesn't work and the shift keys don't work either.  Then the vowels are changed to fit there language so that is why a lot of the time his letters appear as he is a terrible speller(he is but not usually that bad).

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Week 41

I don't have a lot of time today but wanted to let you know that i am going to Petrolina and that my companion is named Elder Ferriera, he is a Brazilian and he was in the ctm with me . I am pumped to go there, they all say good things about Petronila. they say it is was hot there though. that kinda sucks I am going there during the summer time. they say that there isn't as much humidity there so it will feel more like home. I will write you some more tomorrow. i love you. cant wait to see me saddle.
no it is not the same Ferriera. This Elder Ferreira that I am with he is a Brazilian. he is way cool though. it is way cool here. I am liking it. it is really hot though. I live with three Brazilians. none of them speak English haha. it will be awesome though i am so excited. my saddle looks. good.. I got 4 packages this week. two on Wednesday and two yesterday. I had to open them all though haha. the first two because I couldn't fit them in my bag and the others because I am impatient hahaha. I freaking loved them. thank you guys so much. we will be having a Christmas conference this next week so i will be able to get anything else that gets here soon. and then once a month the zone leaders go to Salvador so its about normal. this last week with my companion, our Pres. feels he should stay to have a successful life I know that he will love your package to him. how was Vegas? I watched the highlights of the first five rounds yesterday haha. yeah we all ready have a place hooked up to skype you guys. he is our ward mission leader. he served a mission in New Jersey so its sweet he speaks English. i am way excited to get to work here. oh i all most forgot to tell you that our pday is going to be moved from Tuesday to Monday so next Monday I will email you . tell everyone. I hope you guys have a good week. love you all and miss you.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

week 40

haha you really did just make my week. haha.(His truck just got finished) i am pumpped about my saddle. one year later haha. so this week we had to talk to president about my comp. my comp said he would work harder and he really wanted to be here. well for anouther week we didnt work during the right hours. like you can see it is way late right now. so yeah i am scared for him that he will have to go home. he doesnt listen to anyone and he isnt working. i know that that package will make him happy. his name is..... make sure you put w on it because there are a lot of Elder..... here. so i was talking to the elders in the staff and they all told me about how i have so many packages there and how you are the best mom in the world hahaha. yeah i am so greatful for the family i have. we made brownies last night and they turned out pretty good. me and madsen just cook stuff everyday. i am getting kinda fat because we just eat our problems away hahaha. yeah i have to start drinking less coke it is getting rediculous. this week president told me that i would be transfered. so i will have to find a member at my new area that has a web cam. i will try my hardest to get to use skype. i feel like it shouldnt be that big of a problem. could you make me a skype account? what you said about going to the temple is so true. i cant believe how lucky we are and we dont take advantage of it. it is twelve hours away from the closes temple here. we have more in our state than they have in the country, it is such a blessing. That is so funny about dad though and his phone and that is way cool about cedar. i am so excited that so many of my friends that werent going to go on missions have decided to go. I  love you guys have a good week. I miss you and cant wait to talk to you in 22 days
I haven't gotten the packages yet I will get them Thursday . yeah it is sad but it is like he is wasting his time and everyone else's money. Could you send me the p90x dvds?? yeah Madsen is worried about next transfer how it will work without me there. haha we are so much alike it is crazy. i think it is cuz we weren't sheltered. most of the american missionaries came from sheltered homes where they never had to experience the world outside of their family and byu haha. Elder brown the assistant asked me if he could marry you haha he was like your mom is the most awesome person ever. i cant believe how awesome of a family Ihave. Elder hubbard last time used the google account too to talk to his family because you can link more than one computer and i pads and stuff. he talked to him mom and dad and all of his brothers at the same time. so maybe you could look into how that works because i all ready have a google account.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

week 37-39

So we have been out of it for awhile so here are some pictures from Taylor, His thankful tree we sent him turkeys to write what they are thankful for this is a tradition we do at our home for the month of Nov.

Then his love for pumpkin cookies
11/13/12 - So Taylor has a companion he is from Brazil and he is teaching Taylor lots of patience so the letters are a little edited.
God has a plan for everything. this week was awesome i got some packages that are awesome. i love you guys so much. i have watched my video like 100 times all ready. it needs to be longer i all ready have it memorized haha. it is funny i have watched is so much that  i have three things that i have seen that i can work on when i get home. so this week we got p90x. the first day that we did it i about died. i have never been so sore before in my life after working out for 15 min haha.oh yeah we bought taco shells today! i am pumped to eat tacos again. that is so cool about cedar and Brandon. cedar told me last week. i am so proud of them haha. its really the best thing ever. so i am pretty sure i will be transferred right before Christmas. if i am not transferred i really think i will kill somebody. so another thing that i did this week cool was turn my chair into a roping dummy . i can rope it just like a steer with a kid rope. it is sweet. next week i will send you some pictures.  i am good though. me and Madsen love you guys haha. i will write you some more next week but don't have much time today. all ways waiting on Brazilians haha. love you have a good week.
11/19/12 - This week I was able to email back and forth for a whole hour I love it when that happens!!
haha yeah things are still going here. haha. i will start with the good news. we are going to Baptize this weekend! i was talking with the assistants the other day . the one is from plain city by the way, but he promised me that if i just kept trying to help my comp and have patience then the lord would bless my area. all week i tried really hard. i tried to be firm and tell him what i thought but to pick my battles and say things smart, it didn't really help any but we found a little girl who her parents were going to church but aren't married and want their daughter to be baptized so this Sunday we are going to baptize her. i know that the lord is watching over us. another good thing is I  didn't throttle anyone. i feel like at the end of this transfer i will be prepared to do anything. haha. haha that is funny about Kycen. that is funny that he is so outgoing normally he is so shy. oh and about the not completing my word that is one of my biggest pet peeves here because my comps will say one thing then do something else and i am just like no that is wrong. i am so glad that i was raised up with a cowboy background. the kids here from the city they are totally lost. even the missionaries you can see a big difference . i thing you need to really try to get --- to talk with the missionaries. he needs to learn about the plan of salvation. yeah we have a lot of trials, but they are never going to go away. they can get better but not if we never turn to the lord. i remember when i made a lot of bad decisions when i was younger and thinking that i could handle it or change it all by myself. i now understand why i was never able to change until i decided to get serious about leaving on the mission. we have to have the help of the lord. today we i bought the rest of the stuff to send home so tell ryder that i have a present i am sending to him. tell him i said happy birthday. ( Feliz aniversario ) i will try to get it in the mail this week. so everyone loves you here so much haha. we made cookies with the frosting that you sent and they were so freaking good. today we made chile too. haha i have the best family in the world. i love you so much have a good week; haha yeah the dr pepper was just like normal. it was so awesome. savannah sent me some too!!! well are you going to give in and give me an i phone when i get home? haha thank you for everything you guys are so awesome i really have the best family in the world. you know that you dont have to send me so much stuff,  i dont need it. but hey i will never complain.haha but yeah i really have the best family all the elders love momma winn. is name is elder brown. he is my grandpa( the trainer of elder hubbard) he is cool we talk about ogden a lot haha. yeah we are working on getting the rest of the p90x cds we only have the abbs one right now. but yeah they are as hard as they say. so wait what you let him lose my good hat haha what the heck. i thought it was just kycen that was using my stuff but no it is everyone. its ok though it was getting old anyways. that is so cute that he want s to be a missionary. all right  i will try that. this transfer has really been one of the hardest things mentaly that i have ever done in my life. i know that it is to prepare me for something bigger in my life. i am a little scared at what that will be though haha so yeah i will be on here a while i really think that he is slower than elder ----. but i am greatful for this time to talk to you
haha that is funny. is that a new tv in the background? what else has changed since i left, oh haha yeah i all ready talked to lucia about it haha. yeah lucia is the best teacher in our ward and is almost equal to jenny so yeah it was all most a fight(when they talked about a gospel principle) haha. yeah it is going by fast it really helps to have madsen there. i heard from him like two weeks ago. he is loving it and is doing good. maybe in his mission it is more strict on the time policy. yeah you will have to figure that out because i am not giving up my bed haha. i think i will drain it and take it with me when i move out hahal. so what else is new. how are all the horses. but yeah i like am so stressed out all the time haha. its like i only have fun when i am at home and even then it is tought. i know that sounds bad but i have decided that it isnt the best two years of your life but the best two years for your life. i dont even want to think about where i would be if i didnt decide to push the button and send in my papers. our quorm president said it right last night. he is a convert of 7 years and before he was baptized he was in jail for 3 years for saling drugs, and stilling and stuff. he said now that i have changed my life and thrown the devil out i am scared to step out of line because i know how powerful he is. i am really scared to know what would have happened if i hadn't left. yeah we have phones so you could give them the number and tell them they needs the plan of salvation.but yeah when i look back at all the stupid things that i got mad over at home and stuff i know that i have all ready changed a lot because i dont get mad over those things any more. so i am going i love you have a good week i love you so much . tell everyone i love them.
haha well you can tell dad he got the longer email this week because you didnt sent me one hahaaha(it got lost in cyber space talk about a heart attack). this week we didnt have a baptism it is really hard. i am about sick of it. i am putting all my energy into not hitting my comp like Garrison. that is cool that you pulled them out at the roping. someone has to do it now that i am not there to do it for you guys hahaha. i love you have a good week. i am so pumped for dixon. i love you guys i am so greatful for the family that i have . i am sure that is a lot of my comps problem is that he doesn't have a good family life. i miss you
We pray for Taylor that he will learn from this trial that has been put in front of him and put one foot in front of another and at the end he will look back and see how far he has come. We love you Taylor.......

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

week 36

haha do i have to send a letter? i dont like writting letters haha. it is wierd writting things knowing that when it gets to where i want it there will be a lot more things in it that have all ready changed. if my gun is not in my room in my closet or downstairs then it is still in quinns trailer, but i am pretty sure that i took it inside. my companions name is Elder D. Trindade. yeah just so you know i have never wanted to tell any of my companions that they were compleat idiots (haha maybe part idiot but not compleatly) until now haha. yeah i am needing to learn a lot more about being patient. this week was tough but i think things are getting better. it really helps a lot that i live with two other americans so if i get really annoyed i can just talk about it in english with them. i bought a new camera last saterday. it is pretty good. cameras here a lot more expensive but my companion said it was a good price for here. tell kycen i said to suck it up and be a man. haha. he will do great and could play JV if he decides to work hard. i am going to try to get a package for you guys in the mail this week i am trying to get a few more things this week before i send it though. so yes jose and valdecy were the family that i all ready babtized and i they moved. Junior and Luciane are the family who we are teaching right now. yeah luciane is pregnent. Lucia is awesome but i dont think she could send here kid to yeah... besides do you really want two kycens in the house. tell kycen and ryder that i love them. i am so greatful for you guys. thank you for everything that you do for me. i love you have a good week.

Elder Madsen Taylor's second transfer is now there new zone leader and living with him.  He is way excited about that and since his mom couldn't teach him patience (Lord knows hers are short lol) the Lord will teach him. Or maybe he wants Taylor to learn to talk less and listen more ???? hum not sure that can happen. But we have great faith in him that he will be able to help this Elder become the great man he can.

week 35

haha yeah i am glad that your week got better. The only good part about mine was that we found a really awesome investigator, named Monaliza. junior and luciene are still doing good. i hope they will be babtized this week. Jose and valdecy moved to another area. i didnt get transfered i will stay here in barbalho one more transfer. i now know how dad always felt when he got the problem child in his class. my new companion is the problem child of the mission. Basically i was told that i am his last chance. if i cant help him change he has to go home. i hope i can help him but it isnt going to be easy haha. do you think Heavenly father is trying to teach me patcience ? so when can i go buy a new camera? i am so tierd this week. we have been working so hard. i know the lord will bless us with more babtisms if we keep working hard. this week will be stake conference here. there will be an area 70 here so that will be cool. i hope that we can keep finding good people, and have a good transfer here. so i need to take a picture and send to you of Lucia she is my titia ( aunt) she is so awesome. she has a kid that is 11 that is exactly like kycen. she wants to know if you want to take him in because you all ready know how to handle it. haha she reminds me a lot like jenny!i will send you guys a package here in a couple weeks for christmas. christmas will be so wierd without snow haha. i love you guys and hope you have a good week. i will try my best to have a better week this week haha.

perfect i will buy one this week then and i can send you pictures of me and my new comp and all our babtism that i will have. i love you oh i will forward you this story that joseph sent me
Story from Joseph Kimball,
Hey elder! I hope you are baptizing the pure in heart!!! I am sure that's what you are doing..I am roping and doing teeth and shoeing horses.
I recently went to a ranch In New Mexico. There I bought a Painthorse and went on a ride on the ride I learned that my friend I bought the Painthorse from would get up every morning Saddle a Horse Milk 2 cows and ride 6 miles to the bus stop. The bus stop was 6 miles from his house. The 6 miles included a canyon and some pretty rocky terrain. He would get to the bus stop unsaddle put him in a Corrall get on the bus and ride the bus 17 miles to school. He did that for three years in high school. By the way he would ride  the bus 17 miles home Saddle is horse ride 6 miles in the canyon get home unsaddle his horse milk two cows eat dinner and go to bed.
I was amazed at the sacrifice he made to go to high school. Later in life he started to tiedown rope. I mean after high school and started rodeo when I asked him what events he participated in and he said if they had an event I entered it. So I asked what was your best event. He answered Bull Riding.

After a long discussion about Lots of things He told me a story about match roping a Pro this was in 1970s he matched a pro Calf Roper $20,000.10 head match. He won the match and the man who put up the money gave him $8000.
This man married a member of the church and raised a family. He was not a member of his children went on missions and married. Two of them are sealed in the temple they live in a remote area in New Mexico.

They live in the boundaries of a small branch and his oldest son got called to be the branch president. He called his dad one night and said dad I need a favor his dad said anything son. He said I need you to teach Gospel doctrine every Sunday for me. Remember he was not a member of the church.

He said okay son I'll do it. He taught gospel doctrine for two years. One Sunday they had Branch conference the stake president brought a regional representative. After the branch conference on the way back to the stake presidents home the stake president asked the regional representative have you ever been taught gospel doctrine by a nonmember. The regional representative said I don't think so the stake president said today you have.

The regional representative said I don't believe that man will not be a member much longer. The man was baptized two weeks later in the stock tank on the ranch it was February.

When I came in to that families life the man who was baptized in the stock tank and taught gospel doctrine for two years while he was not a member was the branch president!!

He has taught me much about horses and life I wanted to share his story with you so that you can do what Pres. Monson asked us to do he said, we must see people as they may become and not as they are. While you were on a mission you are looking for the next branch President.
You must see men as they may become and not as they are and then believe in them and God will help them be who they should be.

I'm sure you are a great missionary and that the Lord is proud of you !continue to please him it will bring you great happiness.

I apologize for taking so long to email you!
 your brother Joseph

week 34

haha yeah even with all your problems there i still have you beat here haha. my week was a week of problem after problem and it is still going into this week. so first we taught junior and luceaine all week long and they are so awesome. they have a testimony about the book of mormon and everything, but they didnt want to be babtized yet. one she is pregnant so she got sick and couldnt go to church last week and they just dont feel ready yet. so all week we were working hard hard then they didnt even go to church, but they will be babtized for sure. i just dont know when now. but sunday is when the problems came. first jose alberto and valdecy got in a bad situation. the boss of jose. ran out on the job he was working on. so he didnt get paid for the last month of work. their land lord came and told them that he has to have the house and he wants them out. the bad part is the didnt make a contract with him so if he shows up with a pistol they have no choice they will be on the streets. so the church decided to help they so we have been in the middle of them helping them find another house and everything. the good part is that the reliefe society president here is awesome so she has helped a lot. the worst part of the week is the part were you are going to kill me. ...... i was robbed. .... in the church!!!!!! yeah i cant believe it either. i took my camera with me to church because i thought that we were going to have the babtism of junior then after church the president of the reliefe society called us into a meeting  and i set my bag in the sacrament room. then we left and i didnt even look to see if it was there. when i got home i didnt have it any more. so the last two days i have been running around like a crazy person interigating everyone. ... one thing i must have really changed all ready because i havnt swared or kicked anything yet. i havnt thrown anything. everyone is like how are you so calm and i really dont have any idea how. i am almost sad for whoever stole it because i know they will have to pay for it in the end. imagine when you have to watch the video of your life with God and he askes you ok what were you thinking here. robbing from a representative of Jesus Christ inside the church. ... the end of the world is comming haha. but yeah so i know what i need for my birthday and chrismas.... a new camera. .. i think it will be easier and cheeper if i just buy one here. so i want to hear how the rest of the roping go. yeah i am missing it haha. i cant believe its all ready been a yeah since we were there last year. i cant wait tell i get to go back and redeem myself from how bad i roped last year. so yeah what do you want me to do about a camera? let me know how it goes. tell everyone i say hi. tell tj i want to know how he didn't win the open and to email me.  i love you have a good week.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

week 33

 so as far as the rain we are not in a lack of it here. it rained every day this week. i dont think i had one day where i didnt end up soaking wet. haha. the funny thing is that you would think that if it was raining that more people would let you in to talk but they just look at the sky and say oh its raining today come back another day haha. i want to say um yeah i know its raining i am standing in the rain haha. i do like that it is not as hot when it rains but it is a little annoying working in the rain. one cool thing that happened this week was the we found another awesome family that whent to church with us after we taught them . we asked them the first day if they were married because this is a big problem here everyone just lives together and doesnt get married. but anyway junior is his name and he sai oh yeah basically. so we figured that they were just living together. buth then we went to their house sunday and i kept thinking ask again. and i did and they are really maried! we were so pumped because it takes a long time to get all the paper work to be married here. so we are hoping that they will be babtized here this week or the next. their names are junior and luciene. yes they feed us here haha. not like jacy but i never go hungry . That is so crazy that jade is coming home all ready. it seems like he just left. i sent you guys a letter the other day so you should be getting it here pretty soon..i am glad that you guys are all healthy i think that that is the thing that i pray the most for is that you guys are safe. so this week we learned that elder costa from the 70 is going to come here friday. i am pumped to get to listen to him talk. i sure he will tell us we arent babtizing enough but it still will be awesome. this week we have interviews with the president so hopefully i will get a letter or package at one of these things. that does make me happy that my truck is gone. how much did they say that it will be? haha so our zone leader that i live with right now Elder Pavlakos. he was serving in the salt lake mission waiting for his passport and he said that he all ways ran into friends from byu especially during conference haha. but yeah that would be way hard for me . i think it is good that i was sent to another country. really it is the best thing i have ever decided to do. i didnt prepare like i should have but the lord will make you what you need to be if you trust in him and work hard love you guys hope you have a good week. I love you and miss you. n my shirt it says 15 i dont no if that is a size or not haha. you wont belive it but i have been having growing pains in my ankles haha. yeah i was shocked too. yeah my shoes are good. one of them lost its waterproofness this week but its all good i just dont where that pair if it looks like it will rain. i love you

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

week 32

so i just have been getting awesome things from you this week. first wed. i got a package with DR PEPPER!!!!! i almost cried haha you have no idea. and the cheese cake. it was so awesome. then today you are telling me that i going to have a truck when i get home haha. does it get any better. haha. this week was great and bad at the same time. we worked really hard all week and had some good investigatores to go to conference with us then here they had elections and i dont know why but any excuse they can find they use to have a party and the roads were compleatly filled with drunk people and cars with giant speakers. haha there was paper with candidate people averywhere it was seriously crazy. so yeah nobody whent to conference. i was really bumbed. but conference was awesome even with the babalonia outside the spirit was so strong inside the church. conference isnt as good in portuguese but it still is amazing to hear the words of the  prophets. here in brazil the age for boys was already 18 so its not as big a deal here, except for the girl part. i liked the talk sat. where they said just ask the missionaries haha. it was like yeah it would be a lot easier if people would just ask us. and i liked jeffery r holland, he is such a champ. Do you love me? haha powerful. thats sweet that you guys finished the calf ally. we started about 2 years ago haha. but hey better late than never. really six weeks in the ctm is all anyone needs. you can only learn so much there then you have to get out in the field to learn. but yeah teach kycen how to take care of himself and respect other peoples stuff. if he acts like my comp i will fly to wherever he is and kick his butt personally. if you want to help him help him read the bok of mormon every day. really have no better way to learn about anything. i am reading it only in portuguese right now. i am in 2 nephi !!! haha. i feel like i am getting the language. i am trying to get better at writting and pronuncing things. i miss you guys and hope you have a good week. is there anything that you guys want from brazil for christmas?

Haha I wasn't sure dr pepper would get there so glad it did I will send some more for Xmas. We don't need anything. When we come I want to get some of those scripture cases like you got.  We loved that talk to about ask the missionaries ill bet some didn't haha. Could you see the video from Ryder he misses you when in the mornings and always wants to send ya videos I knew you would love that package haha  just keep praying they  will come 
Love ya mom

haha dr pépper mt dew anything haha. the best thing ever haha. every american was freaking out hahah. he has dr pepper! yeah it was funny. yeah i got it and tell him that i love it and i love him so much and that i wan thim to eat some mcdonald breakfast for me because they dont have it over here.

On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 5:21 PM, Shelly Winn <> wrote:
K I will you will have to let me know when you transfer in three weeks how many companions and I will send a box with nothing but pop haha so do you ever get to see elder Hubbard any where?  Also what is your password to your side of the computer it is crashing and I have to reload a bunch of stuff.  You should see Labron did dad tell ya he has been heeling on him he stops so good you  will have a lot of colts to take to collage haha

haha the problem is that i have to share with them .haha yeah i see him sometimes . hey whats my blog email. and i dont remember what my password is. haha. i have been like day dreaming everyday about heeling on lebron haha.
 I don't think he wants to share haha there are just somethings you never share!

week 31

hey yeah that is right on my account you will have to remember that and ask me about it when i get home haha. i am glad you are getting some time to sit and relax haha. i miss mexican food. salsa sounds so good. here they dont even have tacos ! yeah its terrible haha . Daniel compleatly fell through i dont know really what happened he just doesnt want to talk to us anymore. he will be babtized one day just not by us . that is awesome that they had a sunday like that where the members brought people. that is one thing that i will be better at when i get home is helping the missionaries here we havent been getting a lot of help from the members lately. they all make excuses that they dont have time or something like that. but really it is more of our responsability to bring people to the gospel as it is the missionaries. we worked way hard this week and talked with so many people it seemed like nobody wanted to talk to us and we didnt find anybody good. we were murmmering a little bit because noody wanted to hear the gospel. then we read in alma aout the sons of mosiahs and we havnt been thrown in jail yet so we are doing pretty good i decided. it sounds like you needed me there to pull through for you guys at the actra finals haha. . oh and kycen can have the phone . when i get home it will be outdated any ways. and from the pictures that grandma sent it looks like he is stilling all of my clothes anyway . thay is way cool that he did good in golf. so i hope that i will get packeges tomorrow. the mail men were on strike last week for a couple of days so i think that is why it has been taking so long. every one here is so lazy they dont want to work so they just go on strike. since i have been here the police, teachers, bus drivers, mail men, and the banks have gone on strike. haha. my shorts are good. i could use some white shirts, garmets drilux everything crew cut, and some ranch mix haha. maybe some more medicine. like dayquil and stuff for stuffy nose. and emergan-c . i love you guys and hope you have a good week . i miss you and tell everyone i love them

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

week 30

hey so this week was good. it was so hot all week . we worked a bunch and when saterday and sunday got here i was so tired. with the sun and everything i was worn out haha today i have just sat around and been lazy all day haha. so all week we went to jose and valdacys and we didnt find them at home all week. they dont have a phone either so when sat got here we had thought that they wouldnt be babtized because the last we talked to them was the last sunday. so the assistants called the leaders of the zone that we live with and were like do whatever you guys need to do to have a babtism in the zone this week. they called everyone and jose and valdacy were the only chance that the zone had. so we thought well about the only time to talk to them would be way early in the morning so we called to get permission to go there really early and the assistants made a promis to us that if we said a prayer of faith and asked to find them in there house at 12:00 the next day they would be there. we had been passing by there all week and 12:00 would be the last time i would have ever guessed to find them. but we did what they said and whent there at 12:00 the next day. they were there and just about to leave for the day. it was a miricle haha. they were ready to be babtized and were sunday. it was so awesome they were so excited and they are so happy now. i hope that they can prepare to go to the temple in a year. i know that your prayers really helped them a lot. for sure it wouldnt have happened without your help. this week pray for daniel. he is a teenager that is awesome too.haha as far as the cleaning i did just that.i will never call president for something stupid like that but i will dix the problem myself haah. for three days the sink in the kitchen sat full of water and dirty dishes. it was so nasty. so i washed everything gave one plate one fork and a cup to everyone and threw everything els away. haha they thought it was funny until the cup of elder gomes broke and he doesnt have one now. haha. maybe he wil take better care now. i talked to jace the other day she said that she talked to you on the face. she said she understood the just of it haha. i understand kind of what you are saying haha. that is rediculose about the saddles haha. i would tell them we want a discount because of that haha. so i havnt gotten anything from cactus yet,but the other elders went to the office today so hopefully they bring me a present home haha. tell kycen his hat is ugly haha. but his horse makes up for it. i am glad that he is doing good at the golf. and it wont be the last buzzer that he hears haha. especially if he isnt practicing. i love you guys so much i hope you have a good week i miss you all and pray for you every night.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

week 29

haha i loved your talk. it really was awesome. i liked the story of driving in the dark. i miss all the late night drives . just crusin listening to music haha at the time it seemed like a lot of time but once you stop doing those things you realize hom much you miss them . you all ways say that you have too much stuff to do at this time of the year so i do think that you will cut anything haha its got to start to get normal after so long . as for me here i have one more transfer here with elder gomes. oh joy haha. i think i am really failing my tests if i have to retake it haha. its not to bad. we are working really hard. i do like that about him. he loves to preach the gospel. my problem is that i like to plan it like it was a rodeo weekend haha. lets go here here and here first and end here a lot closer to our house, but he likes to wait tell like 8:45 and want to knock doors in the area farthest away from our house haha. but its all good. the family wasnt babtized last sunday. the husband, joseph, got offered a job working security last sunday and they really needed the money so they remarked for this sunday, but they have been acting a little strange the last week so keep praying for them for me. their names are josé-Alberto and Valdacie. we talked to them sunday night and they still wanted to get babtized this sunday so we are really hoping for this sunday. as far as them staying in the church, that is the hard part. we babtize and then it is the job of the members to help them feel welcome. there are a lot of people that you babtize that will leave, but you got to try to help them as much as you can to stay strong after you leave. more than the members you have to help them gain a testimony of the book of mormon. if you have a testimony in theis you will not leave. i have gotten some packegs the last couple weeks. i got the one with the movies. and the pictures and the mike cervi. maybe i will get some today where it is transfers. so just so you no you were not the only one who had to talk this week. i had to talk in sacrament meeting. but i lucked out they tolk me i would be the last speaker and it would be for 20 min, but then i got there and they were like oh we changed our minds you will go first its only 5 min. haha i was like dang thanks for telling me now. for 5 min i dont even need to prepare a talk but all week i was getting ready for this haha. but it was good i talked about the book of mormon and how as members it is our responsability to share this blessing of the bom with everyone. that if it is only us missionaries that share the gospel we will lose the fight it takes every member. so this week president and sister isnpected our house. it was really funny to me that the day before president came everyone wanted to clean but anyother day its all good haha. but it was sweet they roped the cowboy toy with us and watched some of the mike cervi with us hahaha we have the coolest president in the world. its sweet because now i can watch the cervi any tuesday i want . the part that sucks is that the whole first round is scratched. but all the rest work so its still awesome. i miss you guys and love you so much. i hope you have a good week. oh i was thinking have you heard anything about my saddle for the all around lately ?

oh i forgot to tell you a really cool story about jose alberto. he was having a problem with coffe. he said that he hadnt drank it for 2 days and he had a head ache from heck haha. he wasnt sure if he would be able to not drink the last cup that he had in the house. he said too that coffe is a lot cheaper than anything els to drink in the morning. i prommised him that if he would not drink more coffe that the lord would bless him and his family with the food that they needed to live. he said how can you promis that. i said just trust in the lord. he dumped the coffe out on the ground and promissed to never drink it again. it was so awesome. i love you guys   

week 28

haha i am glad to hear that nothing has changed there in the fall at the winn house. haha . kycen and ryder fighting over something that is mine and you doing way to much stuff and yelling at everyone and dad, well he hasnt been bucked off in a month so he is doing pretty good. haha. quinn says he loves it and i know why. it is really really hard work and a lot of days you dont want to go anymore but when you find that one person who is prepared it is all worth it. that family whent to church last week with us and loved it. they are going to be babtized together this sunday. they two other kids that live here but they are living at their aunts house right now. i hope that after they come back to live here with their mom and dad that they will want to be babtized too. so next week are transfers i am kinda hoping for a change but then elder gomes called president and asked him if he could stay so we will see what happens i was really upset with him at first about that but then i relized that it is not about me. it is not about i want but whoever i am here with i just have to keep working and finding those people who are here waithing for me. we have been having some fun with jehova witnesses the last week we found a way to prove to them that jesus is jehova and when they still want to fight and argue we just ask them questions to get them to say that the bible is perfect or something like that and then we ask them if it is right that men take stuff out of the bible and they say no and then we show them all the scriptures their bable is missing haha. it is funny. we found one yesterday that here character compleatly changed and she wants us to come back so hopefully we can have a jw convert. haha. you think teamropers time is bad just wait tell you meat brazilians haha. like it will be 7 o clock and i will be like lets leave at 8. ok ok illl be ready. 7:30 i am getting dressed and he is reading on his bed. 7:45 dude lets go its almost 8 ok ok i just have to shower, shave, press my shirt, find my socks,do this do that. 8:10 he is sitting on the chair reading. are you ready ? ok lets go . say our prayers and i start to walk out the door and he still has to get his back pack ready haha. yeah teamropers time is a lot better trust me haha.i love you guys and miss you . i hope you have a good week and i will pray that you can have more patcience haha.

I think they gave him a companion like his brother because he is a slow learner like his mom haha

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

week 27

haha i am glad to hear that you caught a calf now that it is september
haha. just let gray rest in the pastur for the next year haha. dad
just goes 4 seconds on him all week and next week will be cussing him
and shoot if kycen just wants to throw the bomb just go pick up lil
wayne for the rodeos haha. it sounds like bj is killing it this summer
that is awesome. i keep telling him to remember where his blessings
come from. i havnt talked to quinn for two weeks but he said he was
really liking the ctm that is so cool that he is all ready in the
field. i got some packeges last week and one had the mike cervi in it.
i got permission to watch it today so yeah i was up at six o clock
haha. i still cant believe i broke out on the 4 steer. 6 months ago
and i am still mad about it haha. and hey tell grandma that i wash my
sheets like every week. we have a washing machine the only problem is
it is brazilian made haha. so it doesnt clean very good.  they have some 
stores that are owned by walmart that have like all the walmart brand stuff.                                                  actually we found walmart
mac and cheese the other day i am going to start buying haha. its
funny how little stuff like that is like so awesome here. so today we
went to a investigatores house because last night they told us that
they dont have the money to pay the rent . the husband found work
yesterday and so the wife didnt know what to do because he would be
working today at noon when the land lord came. i dont know if i told
you about them but she said that the day that we knocked on her door
that she had been praying for god to send some angels to help her.
then we showed up, she hadnt been reading she said she was going to
wait tell her husband got done reading to read the bom. then ladt
night she couldnt sleep and she keep having this feeling .... read the
book , read the book. so last night she read all the introduction and
the testamonies. and when we got there today she said that she got an
answer and that she knows that the book is true she said she doesnt
care if her husband decides to go to church but she will be there with
or without him. it was so amazing. i was just like wow. she said that
it calmed her. she had no idea if she would have a home tomorrow or
not but she said she was calm because of the book of mormon. they are
going to stay there they got the money to stay for one more month . i
know that god really answers our prayers sometimes though other

haha yeah i was like thinking while i was wathcing the cervi. of the money that i paid to rope in that roping they could live in their house for like 4 more months . it is like i really took for granted what i had i am so grateful for the things that i have in my life. i am so happy to get the packeges but if its too much really i dont need them as often as you guys send them. i love them dont get me wrong but if it would help to get things fixed and stuff . i love you so much have a good week. good luck in your talk. who are you talking with. tell kycen and ryder that i love them.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


week 26

haha i am totally shocked haha like i dont think i believe you about being 8.5, what happened did the barrier trip early or what haha. that is so cool that bam is doing so good,. haha you know it is good if grandpa says so . yeah i really dont like having to ware a tie every day at all. haha. like it is the worst thing haha. but it could be worse for you. .... you could be waring a tie walking all day in the sun and the humidity haha. but i love it. we had a babtism last week and it was like yeah this is why i am here. i had been missing roping a lot but then it was like a reminder what i am doing here. you better keep it in the family ... hey maybe you could get your saddle for the all around before mine gets there hahah. so mom asked me last week for some things i am needing or wanting but i forgot to tell her so i am needing deodorant.. the big ones are better because those little ones only last like 2 weeks. garments ... i want drilux everything the crew neck mediums. i really want some pictures of better videos on like a camera card of some of the runs from last summer and some of me. some scripture markers i used all my ones that i brought and i have some red penceils but i would use some other colors and stuff. ties haha you will no what its like now ties get old fast when you where them every day. maybe some pants and candy and cookies haha. i love you guys so much. hang in there on the college classes hahaha you might have to have ryder help you with that technoligy class

To mom:
hey this week was awesome we had a babtism! her name was gloria. she is so awesome. the rest of the week was normal. it rained about every day. haha. we were working really hard all week and it seemed like nothing was happening. then it was just like bam you have been babtized haha. the week before GLoria told us that she wouldnt go to church and that was it. so we just to her to pray and ask god if she should go to church the next day. we got there and she was there. and was babtized the next week. then last night we found a family that is so awesome. they are struggling right now they are without lights or water at their house but they have so much faith that god will help them. she wife started crying while we were teaching here and she said that they had been praying for god to send them angels to help them . then in the next hour we nocked on there door. it was the coolest thing ever. now all they have to do is read and pray and they will get an answere that this is the true church of jesus christ. prayer is a powerful thing never forget that.

companion / candy packages

week 25

haha yeah dad left that part out last week.(he got bucked off BAM taylors horse he left for his dad to ride) but the news about my truck makes me really happy haha. a car has been one of those things i really miss haha when i get home i hope i am not still afoot. hahah hey my freshman year i tied every calf in the high school rodeos under 19 seconds..... sure i may have only roped one calf at richfield. this week was ok. we saw some miracles happen on sunday . we taught this one old lady sat about the sabbath day and how it would be really important for her to go to church sunday. she told us she wasnt going to go no way so we had decided to drop her. but then we got to church sunday and she was there. she went all alone. then luiz this kid who we hope to be babtized sat. we hadnt talked to him all week because we never found him all week. then the last 20 min of sacrament meeting he showed up. it was like wow we had lost all hope and it was like god was saying hey im still here dont you guys lose hope again. haha we also brought this one guy who is a little crazy with us to church sunday. he cant read but wanted to take a hyme book home with him and he asked all the women if they were married . if they were he would say oh you wont do for me. and if they werent he would ask them if they wanted to mary him haha. oh i was rolling on the ground laughing haha. i had to leave him with elder gomez because i couldnt talk to him without laughing. the language is good i understand everything and say everything right only i have a funny accent they say. so now i am working on that. to be able to talk like a brazilian. elder gomez doesnt understand any english so i have been teaching him a little. so last tuesday after i sent emails. we went to the mission office and i had 3 packages! two from you and one from the freis, haha we has so much candy it was redicules. i will send you a picture of it haha. we are going to a tourist site today so i will send you some pictures next week. i love you guys so much have a good week. in school hahaha.
To Dad:
hahah what have you done to my horse he is bucking every week hahaha . yeah it is funny how the lord works like that. its kinda like that book of mormon haha. sounds a little fimiliar haha. i have learnd and relized how much i tried to do by myself before the misssion. and how much stuff i need to chang to be a better deciple of christ. read ether 12:4 it will help. then 12:27 i think haha. haha we are getting better with my comp i got him to wash some dishes today. haha. it is so annoying kids who have had their moms take care of them all there lifes and dont know how to do anything alone haha. i finally told him today i will not leave this house until you wash all the plates because you used all of them haha. but he is cool we are getting along good. i love you guys and miss you so much. i hope you have a good week at school. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

week 24

hey so your story about ryder with lloyd almost made me cry. haha i think the only thing that stopped me is that i am sitting next to a bunch of other people. that is the story i needed today. i have been slacking a little on my prayers. i have been saying them but not with the faith of ryder like i should. there is no way that lloyd should be alive right now. but without a doubt our heavenly father is watching over us and answering prays of faith. i thought i was having it tough here but i think my trials are less than your guys right now. bartbalho is awesome i love the people here we have a lot of good investigators. it is way different than feira. feira was more like our little town and and here is a city like i have never known haha. my area is right next to the beach. like i see the ocean all most every day. the sucky part is that i cant go there. one of these pdays if it happens to not be raining we are going to go there and take poictures. another crazy part is that everything is built on hills. houses on top of houses with wierd angles and ally ways that you cant see until you get there haha. i am starting to get an understanding for one little part of our area but it is hard. the roads are not in squares they just go whatever wich way haha it is insane. It is a lot different here too because we live with the zone leaders here like in jomafa but these zone leaders are a lot more strict . we are in bed every night at ten thirty haha. but it is good we are working really really hard and hope to have a babtism this sunday. we dont walk as far away here like we did in jomafa but it is all up and down and up a giant hill then down again haha. my butt was sore after the first couple days. so i think that you and dad are the only ones that like those brownies because i dont like them either haha.(we made brownies for Kycen for birthday they all seem to get eaten but neither of these kids like them hum)quinn sent me an email the last two weeks i havnt read his today yet but i am sure he is loving it there . the ctm is such a spiritual place it is like nothing i have ever felt before. yesterday we had a zone meeting and they showed this clip about the savior. and president holland was talking and he said how he knows missionaries ask why this work is so hard. why people dont just lisen and accept. how we are all ways so tired and how it is so difficult. he said he himself had asked those questions. but then he said in the talk, it wasnt easy for jesus. so why should we think even for a miniut that being representatives of him would be easy . being deciples of christ means that we will have to feel the tiniest part of the pain he felt. it was such an awesome talk and the move that played during it was the movie of the atonement. it was awesome. here are some pictures of the house and outside of the house. i will try to take some more and send to you next week. i love you guys so much. never never give up , and when in doubt drop .... on your knees and pray.

week 23

I got transfered to salvador. my new area is called barbalho. my new companion is j. gomez, he is from sao paulo. it has been a crazy last two days. yesterday we passed by all the families there in jomafa and had cake at jaces . she gave me that sweet towlel with my name on it. she is such an awsome person i love her so much. i will take you there for sure haha. today i travled most of the day and was at the bus station the other half. my new house isnt as good as my old one. but i think it is a little bigger. my new companion trained elder ortega. how crazy haha. i am here in the part close to all the torist places so i am excited. i cant wait to start working here. i saw elder hubbard today and he said thanks a lot for the insoles he said that you saved him because his old ones fell apart. i got your packages with the backpack and towel and my insols too and the one from grandma ann too. thank you so much i love you guys it is so awesome to get things like that. i am here in salvador now so i will get things a lot faster now. i will tell you more next week i just got here and so its still like new haha. but i love you guys and i hope you have a good week.

New home and companion

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CTM companions, Institute game

week 22

ha well as far as me here your week was probably better. basically all of our investigatores we had to cut this week because they werent progressing so now we are starting over from scratch. we had interviews with president but the assistants didnt send any mail with him so no letters, packages, nada haha. one good thing is that we should be getting a new oven today so i can make muffins haha. we got to see a little bit of the olympics yesterday at lucnh. we watched usa distroy brazil in vollyball. haha that was pretty awesome because there were 3 americans and 3 brazilians there so it was a rival game haha. it is cool now i have two teams to cheer for now haha. as long as they dont play each other. things i could want would be ties and pictures. that is crazy that in a week quinn will be in the mtc and i will probably be in a new area. i hope i move i love it here but i want to see all of bahia. As far as the truck thing i feel like fixing my truck would be a better deal haha do that. haha. or at least move it under the shed so it is out of the weather. next week i might not write untill wed but i dont know yet. i love you guys and pray for you every night.

Week 21

hey that is crazy that everything is braking down. it all started with my truck haha. i bet that was fun having dixon quinn and jc there. this last week was ok. we worked hard but still didnt have a babtism. miguel he travled last sunday so hopefully he will go swimming this sunday. we havent taught the mute guy yet apparently it is hard to get a hold of someone who cant talk haha. i dint get any packeges last week but we have interviews this thursday so i should have some then. yeah we have found some pick up games they play ball at this old ghetto park close to the church here so some sat. when we have time we go there and try to get them to come to church. transfers are the 7 so i will have a new companion like the same day quinn goes into the ctm. tell him to send me an email. havnt heard from him for a while. that is cool that you are taking annie and she is doing good. haha i will try to send a video of me and mummey roping the cowboy toy haha. we were playing like we were at salinas haha i have taught them all the slang too. they walk around the house saying im gonna get em on the big hop hahaha. its so funny they say im gonna stick bones and pull pipes too hahaha i laugh so hard they are getting pretty good . i taped up one of my kid ropes and they have been trying to learn the butterfly haha. they can do it with the taped rope but not with the normal one yet. i am getting where i can do the butterfly left handed pretty good. haha i hope i have some babtism pictures for you next none of the videos where elder mummy caught i can send but i will send a funny one where he missed. i miss you guys tell quinn not to worry about it and that it is the best thing he will do.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

week 20

thank you so much for that story and your testimony. that is so cool that you could recognize the blessings in life. i think we don't really think about how blessed we are sometimes. yeah we have to clap outside the houses because all the houses have gates or really big metal doors. we are teaching a kid this week Miguel he is 15 years old and he is so ready to be baptized it is so cool. last week we got to church after looking for investigators, like we went to their houses and they weren't there, and we had nobody at church . i was so sad because we have been working so hard and had nobody there. then i decided that we should say a prayer. we said a prayer and when we left the room there was a guy standing in the doorway. he is mute like he cant talk but he stayed at church all three hours and then returned that night to watch 17 miaicles ! i couldnt believe it like he cant understand anything that anyone says but he was there basically all day we are going to try to teach him this week. and then before sacrament i was like elder Mummey, the other elder that lives with us, lets go look for one more of our investigators that lives here close. we went to miguels and he came with us to church. it was such a testimony builder that God answers our prayers. as for some scriptures all of 1 Nephi is good and Alma 5. i have gotten three packages the one with the singing card the one with muffin mix and the one with the binder. i was wondering if you could send me some more ties that are cool. we do a lot of trading haha. and some dr pepper jelly beans i am missing dr pepper haha. we havnt made apple pie yet but we are going to mark a day to do it this week . we have used all of the maple though haha because pancakes are like the best haha i think because its food from the united states. that is cool the Chesly got his call. he is going to love it. that really sucks about the semi. you need to get it completely fixed so you can fix my truck haha. i love you guys i am loving it here i miss you have a good week;

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

week 19

hey yeah i am feeling better . i didnt get any packeges last week but maybe this thursday. i keep my fingers crossed haha. everything is going good here we are working really hard the hard part is that nobody comes to church . we teach all week long then no one shows up on sunday. we taught a family in these shack houses the other day. it was a real reality hit. these people live in houses made out of crates and tarps . i couldnt believe it. it has been raining like every day here haha. it kinda sucks but at least it is not hot. elder madsen is from washington. he has been out one year and one month. he reminds me a lot of kycen haha. he is big and gentle hearted... haha he only has one speed like kycen too haha. but it is awesome we are working hard. i cant believe how big bam is ! he doesnt even look like the same horse . he is all big and thick haha. i was wigging out when i saw him. so i cant believe i never studied the scriptures before like i do now. i love it. personal studdy is like my favorite time of the day. i can see the blessing that it is and how much it helps me. i love you guys so much . have a good week. yah it was just like wow are you serious i use to make huts like this in the field by my house when i was like 10 but these people are really living there.

week 18

hey elder madsen is awesome. he has helped me a lot with the language. i am going to learn so much this transfer. we are working hard and hope to babtize again soon. elder mummy the new elder in our house he is cool, but everything is a lot more serious, i miss the others sometimes but it is better now we are working harder. i wasnt too sick but i used about all of my dayquil. that is nuts that your horse bucked. i dont think i would have unsaddled the old puke haha. who was riding him when he bucked. haha that sucks he didnt win nationals i was rootin for him haha. i am glad his jersey got there even though it doesnt fit. i sent him one more two weeks ago in a box so hopefully this one fits him. i am glad ryder has gotten use to me being gone. this week was good me and elder madsen get along really good and teach good together. i know we will babtize soon. it was kinda cold this week. it was so awesome haha. i loved it except when it rained. and when i had to take a shower with freezing cold water. haha not a lot exciting happened. we taught a lot thats about it haha. i will send some pictures maybe a litter later tonight. i love you guys so much and think about you all the time. i hope i get another box tomorrow i am craving some cookies haha.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

week 17

that is good he got one down that is better than i ever did out there. i always struggled at gallop. the language is comming but it is still hard. ya elder hubbard was transfered. i thought i would get a brazilian companion but i got another american. elder madsen. he is 6 foot 10 haha. he is from washington. he is from elder hubbards group. he seems pretty cool. he just got here like two hours ago. the old assistent to the president lives with us now. he got transfrered here to be companions with elder ////. maybe they think if they put him here he wont call them everyday haha. last week was pretty worhless. we didnt get a lot done. i was sick and nobody was home it really sucked but we have some good investigatores so i am excited to get to work with elder madsen. i hope you have fun out there at gallop. haha now we know why we left dad home both times i made it there hahahah. love you guys take care. .... oh and if they dont like the heat they wont like it here haha.

week 16

ha i am stoked for the cervi haha. yeah tell kycen not to sweat it about greg. i bet he had a blast though. this week we were really upset with elder ... for some stupid things that he did and so i was kinda yelling at him and it was funny Elder demille told hubbard yeah he can speak portuguese good because he all ready knows how to chew people out haha. i can all ready see now that my hardest trial will be stupid people haha. This week was cool because our baptism person was so happy. before she was babtized she never really seemed happy, but now that she has the holy ghost you can just see a huge difference. one thing her kids told us this week is that she has a phobia of water. haha we were kinda like thanks for telling us now that might have helped us out a little bit haha. so we made cheese burgers the other night that were so amazing. nobody here knows how to make cheeseburgers they all use packeged little patties.but we found a place that sells ground beef and so now we are in love with makeing cheeseburgers. we made cookies again and we made them right this time. they were so good. haha me and elder hubbard ate like half a pan! but then after that we were a little sick haha.that was about all that happened this week, i am excited to see what will happen next week. i kinda hope that we both leave to a new area.

PIctures at Sister Oliveria's and her family

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pictures of 2nd baptism and funny places

week 15

well first off elder hubbard says he loves you haha. no soccer is not my best sport haha. we bought a basketball last week so we have been playing ball more. we go to the church every morning and play basketball or football. that really sucks about your foot but its a good thing it is getting better. that sounds so awesome about the bfi. this week was crazy. we had a lot of stuff. president hearts kid was here and he and his family are really good at singing and musical stuff so they did a show for us . we got packages friday. it was the one with the pens and pictures. so the whole thing about the stickers is a myth haha. the mail isnt that bad here if you claim it at customs and it doesnt get here then i get money for it. but it does take a long time. then we had the celibration for the temple in manas. it was way cool. then sunday we had the dedication itself. president ukdorff dedicated it. then we had another babtism sunday. her name was antonia. she is like 60 years old. she has four kids who were members all ready. it was a roller coster ride though because her son was planned to babtize her but he was an hour and a half late. so we were like oh i will just babtize you. then we were taking pictures and her son showed up. then she was afraid of the water. and he said the prayer wrong and she forgot to plug her nose. she did not like it at all. she started crying and tried to run out and her son grabbed her and calmed her down and finally she was babtized and it was so cool. she was so happy after and her whole family was there. it was really nerve racking haha. me and elder hubbard only have 2 more weeks together. it is crazy how fast time is going. i hope you guys have a good week and i love you guys so much

Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 14

i live the pictures haha ryder is so funny. i am diggin the suspenders.we have been getting up and going to the church and playing soccer every morning and now we are going to play both(they went and bought a basketball). it is cool they have church ball here only they play soccer instead of basketball. we played last tuesday and there is this one guy in our ward who is going to canada to play pro soccer and he told me seriously you have a future in soccer hahahahaahaha i said yeah but i live in the usa where nobody cares about soccer haha. but that was cool that he told me that. this week was pretty normal but i saw some monkeys! they were two little tiny ones and it was funny they were in this tree on the other side of the road while we were waiting for the bus. one of them jumped out of the tree and ran across the road into a bar, jumped on this chair that a lady was sitting on then ran up the wall. haha it was crazy it scared the crap out of her. that is way cool kycen that you won all that stuff. are those crooked sturrups for me ? haha i hope you have a good week. i am going to send a package in the next couple of weeks. i have a package from you guys that i am going to get tomorrow.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

week 13

that is so cool about the winns i am so glad to hear that they are doing good. no we dont have to take worm things anymore they just give you one pill at the end of your mission that kills any paracite that you have. they call it the bomb. this week was long haha we were supose to have a zone conference but the bus company when on strike. so we were all excited to get packages and letters but it didnt happen so we were bummed all week. elder--- is getting better. he cleaned our entire house today so i like him today haha. yeah i have been teaching elder hubbard how to rope the inside leg. he is getting better. i told him if can catch me 5 times in a row he can have a rope when cactus sends them, and if he catches me 10 times i will buy some chocolate for him. haha he caries a rope with him everyday too. this week we had an investigator who recieved an answer though a dream it was so cool. she dreamed that she saw the most beautiful font of water, and she put her big toe in the water and felt the most happy she had ever felt. she said it was the same happieness that she had when her children were born. it was so cool. i dont care if you send me long emails i love hearing from you guys. i am going to find you a cool birthday present but it will be a little late getting too you hahaha love you guys so much

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 12

 That sucks that you didn't get to go to Chases homecoming I bet it was way cool. I am in the same house that Elder Mitchel was in. This week was the best and the worst all in the same week. the worst because Elder Natchigal was transferred and he was way cool. the new elder is Elder --- and he is a total tool. haha we don't like him very much because the second day he was here he called the assistants and complained to them that there was a lot of disobedience here and all this stuff. the part that made us more mad is that he didn't even talk to us about it first. haha maybe its because i always say what i think or what(takes after his mom I guess we say it how it is and then you have a chance to say what you think and then we go on) but that really bugs me when people are babies. the best part was that I had my first BABTISM!! Adriana de Jesus Nacimento was her name. I  told you about how it was a miracle we were teaching her but this week we learned it was a even bigger miracle. She didn't even know this member she is living with. she is 17 years old and was at the bus station and started talking to this member about how much it cost to live in different places and stuff like that. then sister rita (the member) said oh just come to my house have something to eat and you can figure out what you want to do.(The Brazilian people are so nice and giving I can't imagine bringing a complete stranger to my house we could all learn from them)  Well they started talking more and decided that sister rita would just take her in and she is living there now. it was such an awesome experience I cant even explain it. I had to baptize her twice because she forgot to plug her nose the first time and started flopping around under the water haha. one thing that was cool too was that it was stake conference last Sunday and President and Sister Hart were here for that so I had Sister and President Hart at my very first baptism. oh and President Hart gave me permission to take my rope with me all the time if I want! how cool is that. then today for pday we had a zone thing at the institute building. they had a pool table and ping pong and basketball and soccer. it was way cool. but we played soccer and now I am sore haha bad idea. me and Elder Hubbard were like that was not the smartest thing to do haha. I am getting a hair cut today so I will have to send you some pictures next week. . That is so funny that Ryder is trying to tie goats. send me some pictures. i love you guys.