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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

week 19

hey yeah i am feeling better . i didnt get any packeges last week but maybe this thursday. i keep my fingers crossed haha. everything is going good here we are working really hard the hard part is that nobody comes to church . we teach all week long then no one shows up on sunday. we taught a family in these shack houses the other day. it was a real reality hit. these people live in houses made out of crates and tarps . i couldnt believe it. it has been raining like every day here haha. it kinda sucks but at least it is not hot. elder madsen is from washington. he has been out one year and one month. he reminds me a lot of kycen haha. he is big and gentle hearted... haha he only has one speed like kycen too haha. but it is awesome we are working hard. i cant believe how big bam is ! he doesnt even look like the same horse . he is all big and thick haha. i was wigging out when i saw him. so i cant believe i never studied the scriptures before like i do now. i love it. personal studdy is like my favorite time of the day. i can see the blessing that it is and how much it helps me. i love you guys so much . have a good week. yah it was just like wow are you serious i use to make huts like this in the field by my house when i was like 10 but these people are really living there.

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