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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

week 60

You will have to zoom out a little bit. it doesnt quite get our house but it has our road in the picture. ok thank you so much at least i am here now so i can get it out of the post office if it has taxes. although if i have to pay 100 reais this time i will be out of luck cuzz i dont have that kind of money on my card. i will stay with elder davis for like 3 more weeks then he will leave then i will be companions with freitas for one transfer then he will get a replacement and we will be in threes again then i will train my replacement. so i will stay 4 transfers here which is like 6 months. i love you . even though you guys forgot about me and didnt email me hahaha jk

Just FYI we emailed him from Tremonton's rodeo and the ipad. So much for technology hahaha long story short it didn't go through luckily I had video'd Kycen's Team roping run that night on my iphone and sent it to him so he did hear from us.