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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pictures Yeah

 Knocking outside one of the churches

 Taylor and Benegas in Elder Tangrens pants(Taylors companion) from when he first got here he has lost 50 lbs. 
                                             Monument in Petrolina the "Teebow pose"

This is a musuem they have a mini cathidral. the actual cathidral was in my area there but i thought it would be funny if i could do a godzilla on the abonable church hahaha

                                               Us making a barbeque behind our house.

week 62

My week here was good. The weeks fly by here. especially where my pday is on Saturday. We had a lot of work to do here this week. It is Transfers not this week, but the week after, so we are all really busy. Also we had a leadership meeting so I had to go to the store with the food lady to buy all the food. We only got to work in the field two days this week until now. That being so I have still had one of the better weeks on my mission. We had so many spiritual experiences this week. For the first time on my mission I saw a person that was compleatly changed, like recieved an answer in the min. and said he wanted to be babtized, It was so special I don´t want to go into to much detail, but it was just one more testimony to me that the church is true. God loves us and answers our prayers. That is cool that kycen is winning. I told him all he had to do was focus and practice. You guys better watch out if he keeps this up he will make nationals. I think that we will use skype at presidents house. I tried to call him just now but didn´t answer so I will plan everything this weeknd, and Monday or Tuesday I will write you an email telling you what time and everything. This time i will have to plan better, because our church is from 3 to 6 in the afternoon here. which would be like 11 or 12 there huh? I would bet that it will be after church at like 7 or so our time. I have been so busy this week we havn´t even sat down to plan it out this week, but today or tomorrow i will talk with all six of us in the house to see what everyone is doing. yeah i probably do need my info again i kinda forgot. Love you have a good week.