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Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 61

hey I am glad that the package got there i was really worried because the guy sent it like without any protection or value hahaha. I will see what i can do on some more shirts for kycen. i will have to get saving some money while i am here in the staff where i get a bigger allowance. So cool story, last Sunday a member from Jomafa came to our ward. i was talking to him and i don't know if you remember Antonia the second lady that i baptized. Like almost all of her family is baptized there. When i was there we started teaching her husband a little bit, but he was an old drunk. Like one time we talked to him while he was on his horse and i don't know how he was managing to stay on. Like i was impressed haha, but anyways one of the Elder that i am living with now came from there and they baptized him like a month ago. When i had left he had started to take the lessons. it was so cool to hear that he had completely changed like that. That is so funny about Ryder and the calf. Its the Heart of a Champion hahaha. No i didn´t loose my camera. actually i bought another one for fifty bucks and i think i got a kid who is going to buy it for 100.. remind you of Zack? hahaha. i will try to get some pictures sent to you guys this week. it just gets so crazy that sometimes i run out of time to hook my camera up. So today we were watching my rodeo video and you know the part where me and Quinn are being interviewed. Well you guys should go back and watch it and focus on Ryder it is so funny. He is such a champ. We have found some really good people this week. we are teaching Paulo, Dinalva, and Josenice that i hope we can  baptize next week and i hope we can baptize another Bruno this week. please pray for these people that Satan will not be able to temp them. i love you guys have a good week. cant wait to talk to you in two weeks.