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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 81 WOW

So Summer has been way busy missed like 16 weeks of posting during that time Taylor has been in the Mission Office as the Financial Secretary so not a lot I will post some of his "cool Stories and pictures from there but he is now back in the field.

This week was so good. It has been long though haha. I didn't have a P-day for more than a week. I have been really tired hahaha. We have been working so hard. We had a lot of people to baptize this last Sunday and like they all fell through. It was really sad. we tried so hard, but I know that the Lord is just testings us. This week will have baptisms for sure. one really cool thing that happened is that we stopped a man in the street the other day. Then we went to visit him. He use to be a pastor of the baptist church. He was really deceived by the church when he started to study more about the history of Christ. Then he fell away from the church and his life went south. He left the state for a while and then when he came home his house had fallen. Like all the houses here are made from bricks and when he got home his house was in a mound of bricks. He is now living under some stairs while he rebuilds his house. He said that he would have never accepted the Book of Mormon if he wouldn't have been in the situation that he is now, but because he doesn't have anything else he started reading it. He received an answer and he wants to be baptized. He made a promise that he wouldn't enter in another church after he was deceived. Well he is going to break that promise.  I know that the Lord has big plans for him since he had to humble him so much so that he would accept the gospel.
My new companion is named Elder Ilustre. He is from Rio Grande do Sul. It is a state in the very south of Brasil. Its where all the white people live. He is way cool. He was the sec before Elder Freitas. We get along really well. I am really excited for this transfer. I love you guys have a good week.

haha I miss the long drives. Sure i usually made them like Ryder hahah sleeping. I tell people sometimes about the time that me and you switched drivers while we were still driving. hahaha. Only our family would do that haha.  At least here in the city you don´t even think about seeing a horse. Last week was good. we worked all week and got to Sunday and we had a couple people that we thought could be baptized. Me and Elder Bueno went to visit them and nobody was at home. Elder Freitas went with a member to another part of our area and we got a text message. ´´ I think that Filipe will be babtized!´´ He got there and Felipe was just like I am getting babtized today. It was so cool. I know that it was all the Lord because we hadn´t passed by there in like 2 weeks. This week we found a family that is way awesome. Look at this. We were in the field all day and our plans had all fallen through. We were like lets nock on some doors in that apt. building. We were walking there and Elder Bueno out of no where entered into a different building. Then we got in there and I was like hey go all the way to the top. The very first door that we knocked on they let us in. It was Reinata and Martá. Their father got really sick in the last 6 months and now cant do anything by himself. His muscles don't work so he hears and stuff but cant talk or move. He was doing some exercises so we marked to come back in 1 hour. When we went back. Reinata had left to go to the cemetery. On that very day 4 years ago she had a newborn baby that had passed away. We waited for a little then decided that we would have to leave the message without her because she hadn´t gotten home yet. We started teaching the plan of salvation to Martá and her mom and dad. When we got to the part about after this life. Reinata got home. We taught then a lot about families and how they would be able to live with them again. I told Reinata that her daughter was all ready saved in the celestial kingdom and was there just waiting for her to make the right choices so that they could live together again. Almost everyone was crying. It was so amazing how God had prepared everything to happen on the day that it did. I am so grateful for the blessing of the Gospel in out lives. I Can´t imagine what it would be like to lose a member of your family like that and think that it is all over and that you will never see them again. Thank you so much for being a great example in my life and all ways helping me to do the right things, Even when I didn´t all ways want to do them. Today we are going bowling with president Hart. Sister Hart went back to the states, because her father passed away this week. It made me really think about the plan of salvation. I hope that you have a good weekend. Never never give up and when in doubt drop the BOMB. hahaha. I love you guys.

Hey this last week was really cool. We didn't baptize anyone, but I had one of the coolest experiences this week. I was doing a baptism interview for the assistants, so Elder Jensen and Elder Bueno went out in our area and left me with the assistants. They had one person to baptize who was the brother of one of their recent converts. They had als three other young men at church who were all friend with members of the church, like they all ran around together. The recent convert of the assistants is named Tiago. Tiago planned with elder Amormino that after the sacrament was passed we would get the other three and split up Amormino, Lund and Me with three members and teach the three young men, our purpose was to baptize them. Sacrament was passed and we all went out into three different rooms. Then Tiago called the three out to meet with us. I went in a room with Lima and Alan who is the young mens president and his son. We took Kel in the room with us. I started teaching about the atonement and how without being baptized there is no way that we can use the atonement in our lives. The young men president said some things and we asked Kel what he thought about baptism. He said he was all ready thinking about being baptized next week. He said that he wanted to talk to a pastor of a church he was going to first, just to tell him that he was going to be baptized in another church. The funny thing is that the assistants had all ready met this pastor and he lives in my area. I have taught him one time and this week I will teach him again. I read Alma 34:31-32. I asked him when it said that we should repent. He responded ´´now´´ Then I invited him in the name of Jesus Christ to be baptized on that same day. He thought for a second then responded, ´´ I accept´´. His friend Alan started crying and also Lima got all choked up. The spirit was so strong with us in that very moment. Kel gave the last prayer and in his prayer he asked God to touch the heart of his friend that were talking to Elder Lund and Elder AMormino. When we walked out of the room the entire hall filled with the spirit. His two friends left the other rooms with tears in their eyes. Each one of them felt the same answer at the same time. Instead of one person being baptized their were 4. Tiago, the recent convert had done one more thing really cool. He had called the Pastor of the other church where they all had gone and invited him to the baptism of his brother. He showed up and saw all three , members of his church, crying holding white cloths. He asked what had happened? We told him that they had felt the Holy Ghost and were going to be baptized. he said Yeah its true I can feel it. We are probably going to teach him today or tomorrow. I have never felt the way that I felt when I was teaching and interviewing those three young men.
This week will be a week of miracles. We set a goal three months ago to baptize 22 people in three months. This week is the last full week we have. We are behind by 15 baptisms. I want to ask you guys to pray and fast with us this week so that we can see the blessings of the Lord here in our ward. Help us reach this goal. 
That is so crazy that Kycen is 16 I cant even believe that . I feel a little safer though that I am  here in Brazil. Now that Elder Jensen is here there is some height in the staff, but before we were all not very tall hahaha. Elder Jensen has one year and 4 months on the mission. I actually went and visited Barbalho last sat. It was really good to see a lot of people again. I saw Gloria and Lucia too. This week I also talked with President Hart about when i would go home.... you are going to like this He is going to send me on the 23 of December so that I will arrive in Utah on the 24, Christmas eve!. I am a little excited about that. I hope that it all works out right and is what the lord wants. I love and miss you guys. Hope you have a good week. Hope you do good at the rodeos. Let me know how they go.Love you

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