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Sunday, July 22, 2012

week 20

thank you so much for that story and your testimony. that is so cool that you could recognize the blessings in life. i think we don't really think about how blessed we are sometimes. yeah we have to clap outside the houses because all the houses have gates or really big metal doors. we are teaching a kid this week Miguel he is 15 years old and he is so ready to be baptized it is so cool. last week we got to church after looking for investigators, like we went to their houses and they weren't there, and we had nobody at church . i was so sad because we have been working so hard and had nobody there. then i decided that we should say a prayer. we said a prayer and when we left the room there was a guy standing in the doorway. he is mute like he cant talk but he stayed at church all three hours and then returned that night to watch 17 miaicles ! i couldnt believe it like he cant understand anything that anyone says but he was there basically all day we are going to try to teach him this week. and then before sacrament i was like elder Mummey, the other elder that lives with us, lets go look for one more of our investigators that lives here close. we went to miguels and he came with us to church. it was such a testimony builder that God answers our prayers. as for some scriptures all of 1 Nephi is good and Alma 5. i have gotten three packages the one with the singing card the one with muffin mix and the one with the binder. i was wondering if you could send me some more ties that are cool. we do a lot of trading haha. and some dr pepper jelly beans i am missing dr pepper haha. we havnt made apple pie yet but we are going to mark a day to do it this week . we have used all of the maple though haha because pancakes are like the best haha i think because its food from the united states. that is cool the Chesly got his call. he is going to love it. that really sucks about the semi. you need to get it completely fixed so you can fix my truck haha. i love you guys i am loving it here i miss you have a good week;

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