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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week 21

hey that is crazy that everything is braking down. it all started with my truck haha. i bet that was fun having dixon quinn and jc there. this last week was ok. we worked hard but still didnt have a babtism. miguel he travled last sunday so hopefully he will go swimming this sunday. we havent taught the mute guy yet apparently it is hard to get a hold of someone who cant talk haha. i dint get any packeges last week but we have interviews this thursday so i should have some then. yeah we have found some pick up games they play ball at this old ghetto park close to the church here so some sat. when we have time we go there and try to get them to come to church. transfers are the 7 so i will have a new companion like the same day quinn goes into the ctm. tell him to send me an email. havnt heard from him for a while. that is cool that you are taking annie and she is doing good. haha i will try to send a video of me and mummey roping the cowboy toy haha. we were playing like we were at salinas haha i have taught them all the slang too. they walk around the house saying im gonna get em on the big hop hahaha. its so funny they say im gonna stick bones and pull pipes too hahaha i laugh so hard they are getting pretty good . i taped up one of my kid ropes and they have been trying to learn the butterfly haha. they can do it with the taped rope but not with the normal one yet. i am getting where i can do the butterfly left handed pretty good. haha i hope i have some babtism pictures for you next none of the videos where elder mummy caught i can send but i will send a funny one where he missed. i miss you guys tell quinn not to worry about it and that it is the best thing he will do.

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