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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

week 22

ha well as far as me here your week was probably better. basically all of our investigatores we had to cut this week because they werent progressing so now we are starting over from scratch. we had interviews with president but the assistants didnt send any mail with him so no letters, packages, nada haha. one good thing is that we should be getting a new oven today so i can make muffins haha. we got to see a little bit of the olympics yesterday at lucnh. we watched usa distroy brazil in vollyball. haha that was pretty awesome because there were 3 americans and 3 brazilians there so it was a rival game haha. it is cool now i have two teams to cheer for now haha. as long as they dont play each other. things i could want would be ties and pictures. that is crazy that in a week quinn will be in the mtc and i will probably be in a new area. i hope i move i love it here but i want to see all of bahia. As far as the truck thing i feel like fixing my truck would be a better deal haha do that. haha. or at least move it under the shed so it is out of the weather. next week i might not write untill wed but i dont know yet. i love you guys and pray for you every night.

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