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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

week 18

hey elder madsen is awesome. he has helped me a lot with the language. i am going to learn so much this transfer. we are working hard and hope to babtize again soon. elder mummy the new elder in our house he is cool, but everything is a lot more serious, i miss the others sometimes but it is better now we are working harder. i wasnt too sick but i used about all of my dayquil. that is nuts that your horse bucked. i dont think i would have unsaddled the old puke haha. who was riding him when he bucked. haha that sucks he didnt win nationals i was rootin for him haha. i am glad his jersey got there even though it doesnt fit. i sent him one more two weeks ago in a box so hopefully this one fits him. i am glad ryder has gotten use to me being gone. this week was good me and elder madsen get along really good and teach good together. i know we will babtize soon. it was kinda cold this week. it was so awesome haha. i loved it except when it rained. and when i had to take a shower with freezing cold water. haha not a lot exciting happened. we taught a lot thats about it haha. i will send some pictures maybe a litter later tonight. i love you guys so much and think about you all the time. i hope i get another box tomorrow i am craving some cookies haha.

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