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Sunday, July 1, 2012

week 17

that is good he got one down that is better than i ever did out there. i always struggled at gallop. the language is comming but it is still hard. ya elder hubbard was transfered. i thought i would get a brazilian companion but i got another american. elder madsen. he is 6 foot 10 haha. he is from washington. he is from elder hubbards group. he seems pretty cool. he just got here like two hours ago. the old assistent to the president lives with us now. he got transfrered here to be companions with elder ////. maybe they think if they put him here he wont call them everyday haha. last week was pretty worhless. we didnt get a lot done. i was sick and nobody was home it really sucked but we have some good investigatores so i am excited to get to work with elder madsen. i hope you have fun out there at gallop. haha now we know why we left dad home both times i made it there hahahah. love you guys take care. .... oh and if they dont like the heat they wont like it here haha.

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