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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

week 42

sorry i know that i said that my pday is on monday, but since we had a christmas party today it got moved back to tuesday for this week. My birthday was chill it was wierd it was so hot that it didnt even feel like my birthday. i dont think i have ever had a birthday without snow. this week was good. i am liking it here. it reminds me a lot of arizona. its hot but its the hot that i am use too. that is funny about annie. you got to put kycen on here first. alothough kycen probably would have been bucked off haha. i am not sure what time it will be on christmas. i will email you guys probably in the morning and tell you that i am on. youi were right about my last area. i didnt really like it that much. i think it was because i just dont like the city. here is more chill.the cookies were good. the sugar cookies were a little wierd. i got the cherry feeling but i didnt get the cheese cake? so i am so stoked to talk to you guys next week. i wont write a bunch right now because i can tell you everything next tues. i love you guys have a good week.
 I asked him which packages he got and this is what he said:
yeah i got kid ropes but the christmas book just had the guy talking on it i think that it lost your recording. i got the one with the shirts. i dont know? maybe it will come in the next box. i wont get another box until the next year!! (yeah i got that one. that is a good idea i think that i will do that i will record on it and give it to somebody. or send it back) . how your day today.
 yeah i got the one from grandma and it worked it was so cool. i loved it. yeah i just got done watching the highlights of the nfr haha. i couldnt stop myself from doing it haha.
  haha that looks so nice. Christmas will be so wierd without snow. ( I sent him a picture from my phone of the snow we are getting)
. yeah i got the ornaments. thank you so much i love you have a good week talk to you in a week.

Some have asked about Taylor's spelling I had a mom tell me in South America the keyboards are really bad most of the time the space bar doesn't work and the shift keys don't work either.  Then the vowels are changed to fit there language so that is why a lot of the time his letters appear as he is a terrible speller(he is but not usually that bad).

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