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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

week 33

 so as far as the rain we are not in a lack of it here. it rained every day this week. i dont think i had one day where i didnt end up soaking wet. haha. the funny thing is that you would think that if it was raining that more people would let you in to talk but they just look at the sky and say oh its raining today come back another day haha. i want to say um yeah i know its raining i am standing in the rain haha. i do like that it is not as hot when it rains but it is a little annoying working in the rain. one cool thing that happened this week was the we found another awesome family that whent to church with us after we taught them . we asked them the first day if they were married because this is a big problem here everyone just lives together and doesnt get married. but anyway junior is his name and he sai oh yeah basically. so we figured that they were just living together. buth then we went to their house sunday and i kept thinking ask again. and i did and they are really maried! we were so pumped because it takes a long time to get all the paper work to be married here. so we are hoping that they will be babtized here this week or the next. their names are junior and luciene. yes they feed us here haha. not like jacy but i never go hungry . That is so crazy that jade is coming home all ready. it seems like he just left. i sent you guys a letter the other day so you should be getting it here pretty soon..i am glad that you guys are all healthy i think that that is the thing that i pray the most for is that you guys are safe. so this week we learned that elder costa from the 70 is going to come here friday. i am pumped to get to listen to him talk. i sure he will tell us we arent babtizing enough but it still will be awesome. this week we have interviews with the president so hopefully i will get a letter or package at one of these things. that does make me happy that my truck is gone. how much did they say that it will be? haha so our zone leader that i live with right now Elder Pavlakos. he was serving in the salt lake mission waiting for his passport and he said that he all ways ran into friends from byu especially during conference haha. but yeah that would be way hard for me . i think it is good that i was sent to another country. really it is the best thing i have ever decided to do. i didnt prepare like i should have but the lord will make you what you need to be if you trust in him and work hard love you guys hope you have a good week. I love you and miss you. n my shirt it says 15 i dont no if that is a size or not haha. you wont belive it but i have been having growing pains in my ankles haha. yeah i was shocked too. yeah my shoes are good. one of them lost its waterproofness this week but its all good i just dont where that pair if it looks like it will rain. i love you

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