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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

week 23

I got transfered to salvador. my new area is called barbalho. my new companion is j. gomez, he is from sao paulo. it has been a crazy last two days. yesterday we passed by all the families there in jomafa and had cake at jaces . she gave me that sweet towlel with my name on it. she is such an awsome person i love her so much. i will take you there for sure haha. today i travled most of the day and was at the bus station the other half. my new house isnt as good as my old one. but i think it is a little bigger. my new companion trained elder ortega. how crazy haha. i am here in the part close to all the torist places so i am excited. i cant wait to start working here. i saw elder hubbard today and he said thanks a lot for the insoles he said that you saved him because his old ones fell apart. i got your packages with the backpack and towel and my insols too and the one from grandma ann too. thank you so much i love you guys it is so awesome to get things like that. i am here in salvador now so i will get things a lot faster now. i will tell you more next week i just got here and so its still like new haha. but i love you guys and i hope you have a good week.

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