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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

week 36

haha do i have to send a letter? i dont like writting letters haha. it is wierd writting things knowing that when it gets to where i want it there will be a lot more things in it that have all ready changed. if my gun is not in my room in my closet or downstairs then it is still in quinns trailer, but i am pretty sure that i took it inside. my companions name is Elder D. Trindade. yeah just so you know i have never wanted to tell any of my companions that they were compleat idiots (haha maybe part idiot but not compleatly) until now haha. yeah i am needing to learn a lot more about being patient. this week was tough but i think things are getting better. it really helps a lot that i live with two other americans so if i get really annoyed i can just talk about it in english with them. i bought a new camera last saterday. it is pretty good. cameras here a lot more expensive but my companion said it was a good price for here. tell kycen i said to suck it up and be a man. haha. he will do great and could play JV if he decides to work hard. i am going to try to get a package for you guys in the mail this week i am trying to get a few more things this week before i send it though. so yes jose and valdecy were the family that i all ready babtized and i they moved. Junior and Luciane are the family who we are teaching right now. yeah luciane is pregnent. Lucia is awesome but i dont think she could send here kid to yeah... besides do you really want two kycens in the house. tell kycen and ryder that i love them. i am so greatful for you guys. thank you for everything that you do for me. i love you have a good week.

Elder Madsen Taylor's second transfer is now there new zone leader and living with him.  He is way excited about that and since his mom couldn't teach him patience (Lord knows hers are short lol) the Lord will teach him. Or maybe he wants Taylor to learn to talk less and listen more ???? hum not sure that can happen. But we have great faith in him that he will be able to help this Elder become the great man he can.

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