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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

week 37-39

So we have been out of it for awhile so here are some pictures from Taylor, His thankful tree we sent him turkeys to write what they are thankful for this is a tradition we do at our home for the month of Nov.

Then his love for pumpkin cookies
11/13/12 - So Taylor has a companion he is from Brazil and he is teaching Taylor lots of patience so the letters are a little edited.
God has a plan for everything. this week was awesome i got some packages that are awesome. i love you guys so much. i have watched my video like 100 times all ready. it needs to be longer i all ready have it memorized haha. it is funny i have watched is so much that  i have three things that i have seen that i can work on when i get home. so this week we got p90x. the first day that we did it i about died. i have never been so sore before in my life after working out for 15 min haha.oh yeah we bought taco shells today! i am pumped to eat tacos again. that is so cool about cedar and Brandon. cedar told me last week. i am so proud of them haha. its really the best thing ever. so i am pretty sure i will be transferred right before Christmas. if i am not transferred i really think i will kill somebody. so another thing that i did this week cool was turn my chair into a roping dummy . i can rope it just like a steer with a kid rope. it is sweet. next week i will send you some pictures.  i am good though. me and Madsen love you guys haha. i will write you some more next week but don't have much time today. all ways waiting on Brazilians haha. love you have a good week.
11/19/12 - This week I was able to email back and forth for a whole hour I love it when that happens!!
haha yeah things are still going here. haha. i will start with the good news. we are going to Baptize this weekend! i was talking with the assistants the other day . the one is from plain city by the way, but he promised me that if i just kept trying to help my comp and have patience then the lord would bless my area. all week i tried really hard. i tried to be firm and tell him what i thought but to pick my battles and say things smart, it didn't really help any but we found a little girl who her parents were going to church but aren't married and want their daughter to be baptized so this Sunday we are going to baptize her. i know that the lord is watching over us. another good thing is I  didn't throttle anyone. i feel like at the end of this transfer i will be prepared to do anything. haha. haha that is funny about Kycen. that is funny that he is so outgoing normally he is so shy. oh and about the not completing my word that is one of my biggest pet peeves here because my comps will say one thing then do something else and i am just like no that is wrong. i am so glad that i was raised up with a cowboy background. the kids here from the city they are totally lost. even the missionaries you can see a big difference . i thing you need to really try to get --- to talk with the missionaries. he needs to learn about the plan of salvation. yeah we have a lot of trials, but they are never going to go away. they can get better but not if we never turn to the lord. i remember when i made a lot of bad decisions when i was younger and thinking that i could handle it or change it all by myself. i now understand why i was never able to change until i decided to get serious about leaving on the mission. we have to have the help of the lord. today we i bought the rest of the stuff to send home so tell ryder that i have a present i am sending to him. tell him i said happy birthday. ( Feliz aniversario ) i will try to get it in the mail this week. so everyone loves you here so much haha. we made cookies with the frosting that you sent and they were so freaking good. today we made chile too. haha i have the best family in the world. i love you so much have a good week; haha yeah the dr pepper was just like normal. it was so awesome. savannah sent me some too!!! well are you going to give in and give me an i phone when i get home? haha thank you for everything you guys are so awesome i really have the best family in the world. you know that you dont have to send me so much stuff,  i dont need it. but hey i will never complain.haha but yeah i really have the best family all the elders love momma winn. is name is elder brown. he is my grandpa( the trainer of elder hubbard) he is cool we talk about ogden a lot haha. yeah we are working on getting the rest of the p90x cds we only have the abbs one right now. but yeah they are as hard as they say. so wait what you let him lose my good hat haha what the heck. i thought it was just kycen that was using my stuff but no it is everyone. its ok though it was getting old anyways. that is so cute that he want s to be a missionary. all right  i will try that. this transfer has really been one of the hardest things mentaly that i have ever done in my life. i know that it is to prepare me for something bigger in my life. i am a little scared at what that will be though haha so yeah i will be on here a while i really think that he is slower than elder ----. but i am greatful for this time to talk to you
haha that is funny. is that a new tv in the background? what else has changed since i left, oh haha yeah i all ready talked to lucia about it haha. yeah lucia is the best teacher in our ward and is almost equal to jenny so yeah it was all most a fight(when they talked about a gospel principle) haha. yeah it is going by fast it really helps to have madsen there. i heard from him like two weeks ago. he is loving it and is doing good. maybe in his mission it is more strict on the time policy. yeah you will have to figure that out because i am not giving up my bed haha. i think i will drain it and take it with me when i move out hahal. so what else is new. how are all the horses. but yeah i like am so stressed out all the time haha. its like i only have fun when i am at home and even then it is tought. i know that sounds bad but i have decided that it isnt the best two years of your life but the best two years for your life. i dont even want to think about where i would be if i didnt decide to push the button and send in my papers. our quorm president said it right last night. he is a convert of 7 years and before he was baptized he was in jail for 3 years for saling drugs, and stilling and stuff. he said now that i have changed my life and thrown the devil out i am scared to step out of line because i know how powerful he is. i am really scared to know what would have happened if i hadn't left. yeah we have phones so you could give them the number and tell them they needs the plan of salvation.but yeah when i look back at all the stupid things that i got mad over at home and stuff i know that i have all ready changed a lot because i dont get mad over those things any more. so i am going i love you have a good week i love you so much . tell everyone i love them.
haha well you can tell dad he got the longer email this week because you didnt sent me one hahaaha(it got lost in cyber space talk about a heart attack). this week we didnt have a baptism it is really hard. i am about sick of it. i am putting all my energy into not hitting my comp like Garrison. that is cool that you pulled them out at the roping. someone has to do it now that i am not there to do it for you guys hahaha. i love you have a good week. i am so pumped for dixon. i love you guys i am so greatful for the family that i have . i am sure that is a lot of my comps problem is that he doesn't have a good family life. i miss you
We pray for Taylor that he will learn from this trial that has been put in front of him and put one foot in front of another and at the end he will look back and see how far he has come. We love you Taylor.......

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