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Thursday, December 6, 2012

week 40

haha you really did just make my week. haha.(His truck just got finished) i am pumpped about my saddle. one year later haha. so this week we had to talk to president about my comp. my comp said he would work harder and he really wanted to be here. well for anouther week we didnt work during the right hours. like you can see it is way late right now. so yeah i am scared for him that he will have to go home. he doesnt listen to anyone and he isnt working. i know that that package will make him happy. his name is..... make sure you put w on it because there are a lot of Elder..... here. so i was talking to the elders in the staff and they all told me about how i have so many packages there and how you are the best mom in the world hahaha. yeah i am so greatful for the family i have. we made brownies last night and they turned out pretty good. me and madsen just cook stuff everyday. i am getting kinda fat because we just eat our problems away hahaha. yeah i have to start drinking less coke it is getting rediculous. this week president told me that i would be transfered. so i will have to find a member at my new area that has a web cam. i will try my hardest to get to use skype. i feel like it shouldnt be that big of a problem. could you make me a skype account? what you said about going to the temple is so true. i cant believe how lucky we are and we dont take advantage of it. it is twelve hours away from the closes temple here. we have more in our state than they have in the country, it is such a blessing. That is so funny about dad though and his phone and that is way cool about cedar. i am so excited that so many of my friends that werent going to go on missions have decided to go. I  love you guys have a good week. I miss you and cant wait to talk to you in 22 days
I haven't gotten the packages yet I will get them Thursday . yeah it is sad but it is like he is wasting his time and everyone else's money. Could you send me the p90x dvds?? yeah Madsen is worried about next transfer how it will work without me there. haha we are so much alike it is crazy. i think it is cuz we weren't sheltered. most of the american missionaries came from sheltered homes where they never had to experience the world outside of their family and byu haha. Elder brown the assistant asked me if he could marry you haha he was like your mom is the most awesome person ever. i cant believe how awesome of a family Ihave. Elder hubbard last time used the google account too to talk to his family because you can link more than one computer and i pads and stuff. he talked to him mom and dad and all of his brothers at the same time. so maybe you could look into how that works because i all ready have a google account.

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