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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

week 27

haha i am glad to hear that you caught a calf now that it is september
haha. just let gray rest in the pastur for the next year haha. dad
just goes 4 seconds on him all week and next week will be cussing him
and shoot if kycen just wants to throw the bomb just go pick up lil
wayne for the rodeos haha. it sounds like bj is killing it this summer
that is awesome. i keep telling him to remember where his blessings
come from. i havnt talked to quinn for two weeks but he said he was
really liking the ctm that is so cool that he is all ready in the
field. i got some packeges last week and one had the mike cervi in it.
i got permission to watch it today so yeah i was up at six o clock
haha. i still cant believe i broke out on the 4 steer. 6 months ago
and i am still mad about it haha. and hey tell grandma that i wash my
sheets like every week. we have a washing machine the only problem is
it is brazilian made haha. so it doesnt clean very good.  they have some 
stores that are owned by walmart that have like all the walmart brand stuff.                                                  actually we found walmart
mac and cheese the other day i am going to start buying haha. its
funny how little stuff like that is like so awesome here. so today we
went to a investigatores house because last night they told us that
they dont have the money to pay the rent . the husband found work
yesterday and so the wife didnt know what to do because he would be
working today at noon when the land lord came. i dont know if i told
you about them but she said that the day that we knocked on her door
that she had been praying for god to send some angels to help her.
then we showed up, she hadnt been reading she said she was going to
wait tell her husband got done reading to read the bom. then ladt
night she couldnt sleep and she keep having this feeling .... read the
book , read the book. so last night she read all the introduction and
the testamonies. and when we got there today she said that she got an
answer and that she knows that the book is true she said she doesnt
care if her husband decides to go to church but she will be there with
or without him. it was so amazing. i was just like wow. she said that
it calmed her. she had no idea if she would have a home tomorrow or
not but she said she was calm because of the book of mormon. they are
going to stay there they got the money to stay for one more month . i
know that god really answers our prayers sometimes though other

haha yeah i was like thinking while i was wathcing the cervi. of the money that i paid to rope in that roping they could live in their house for like 4 more months . it is like i really took for granted what i had i am so grateful for the things that i have in my life. i am so happy to get the packeges but if its too much really i dont need them as often as you guys send them. i love them dont get me wrong but if it would help to get things fixed and stuff . i love you so much have a good week. good luck in your talk. who are you talking with. tell kycen and ryder that i love them.

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