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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

week 28

haha i am glad to hear that nothing has changed there in the fall at the winn house. haha . kycen and ryder fighting over something that is mine and you doing way to much stuff and yelling at everyone and dad, well he hasnt been bucked off in a month so he is doing pretty good. haha. quinn says he loves it and i know why. it is really really hard work and a lot of days you dont want to go anymore but when you find that one person who is prepared it is all worth it. that family whent to church last week with us and loved it. they are going to be babtized together this sunday. they two other kids that live here but they are living at their aunts house right now. i hope that after they come back to live here with their mom and dad that they will want to be babtized too. so next week are transfers i am kinda hoping for a change but then elder gomes called president and asked him if he could stay so we will see what happens i was really upset with him at first about that but then i relized that it is not about me. it is not about i want but whoever i am here with i just have to keep working and finding those people who are here waithing for me. we have been having some fun with jehova witnesses the last week we found a way to prove to them that jesus is jehova and when they still want to fight and argue we just ask them questions to get them to say that the bible is perfect or something like that and then we ask them if it is right that men take stuff out of the bible and they say no and then we show them all the scriptures their bable is missing haha. it is funny. we found one yesterday that here character compleatly changed and she wants us to come back so hopefully we can have a jw convert. haha. you think teamropers time is bad just wait tell you meat brazilians haha. like it will be 7 o clock and i will be like lets leave at 8. ok ok illl be ready. 7:30 i am getting dressed and he is reading on his bed. 7:45 dude lets go its almost 8 ok ok i just have to shower, shave, press my shirt, find my socks,do this do that. 8:10 he is sitting on the chair reading. are you ready ? ok lets go . say our prayers and i start to walk out the door and he still has to get his back pack ready haha. yeah teamropers time is a lot better trust me haha.i love you guys and miss you . i hope you have a good week and i will pray that you can have more patcience haha.

I think they gave him a companion like his brother because he is a slow learner like his mom haha

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