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Thursday, August 30, 2012

week 25

haha yeah dad left that part out last week.(he got bucked off BAM taylors horse he left for his dad to ride) but the news about my truck makes me really happy haha. a car has been one of those things i really miss haha when i get home i hope i am not still afoot. hahah hey my freshman year i tied every calf in the high school rodeos under 19 seconds..... sure i may have only roped one calf at richfield. this week was ok. we saw some miracles happen on sunday . we taught this one old lady sat about the sabbath day and how it would be really important for her to go to church sunday. she told us she wasnt going to go no way so we had decided to drop her. but then we got to church sunday and she was there. she went all alone. then luiz this kid who we hope to be babtized sat. we hadnt talked to him all week because we never found him all week. then the last 20 min of sacrament meeting he showed up. it was like wow we had lost all hope and it was like god was saying hey im still here dont you guys lose hope again. haha we also brought this one guy who is a little crazy with us to church sunday. he cant read but wanted to take a hyme book home with him and he asked all the women if they were married . if they were he would say oh you wont do for me. and if they werent he would ask them if they wanted to mary him haha. oh i was rolling on the ground laughing haha. i had to leave him with elder gomez because i couldnt talk to him without laughing. the language is good i understand everything and say everything right only i have a funny accent they say. so now i am working on that. to be able to talk like a brazilian. elder gomez doesnt understand any english so i have been teaching him a little. so last tuesday after i sent emails. we went to the mission office and i had 3 packages! two from you and one from the freis, haha we has so much candy it was redicules. i will send you a picture of it haha. we are going to a tourist site today so i will send you some pictures next week. i love you guys so much have a good week. in school hahaha.
To Dad:
hahah what have you done to my horse he is bucking every week hahaha . yeah it is funny how the lord works like that. its kinda like that book of mormon haha. sounds a little fimiliar haha. i have learnd and relized how much i tried to do by myself before the misssion. and how much stuff i need to chang to be a better deciple of christ. read ether 12:4 it will help. then 12:27 i think haha. haha we are getting better with my comp i got him to wash some dishes today. haha. it is so annoying kids who have had their moms take care of them all there lifes and dont know how to do anything alone haha. i finally told him today i will not leave this house until you wash all the plates because you used all of them haha. but he is cool we are getting along good. i love you guys and miss you so much. i hope you have a good week at school. 

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