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Thursday, August 30, 2012

week 26

haha i am totally shocked haha like i dont think i believe you about being 8.5, what happened did the barrier trip early or what haha. that is so cool that bam is doing so good,. haha you know it is good if grandpa says so . yeah i really dont like having to ware a tie every day at all. haha. like it is the worst thing haha. but it could be worse for you. .... you could be waring a tie walking all day in the sun and the humidity haha. but i love it. we had a babtism last week and it was like yeah this is why i am here. i had been missing roping a lot but then it was like a reminder what i am doing here. you better keep it in the family ... hey maybe you could get your saddle for the all around before mine gets there hahah. so mom asked me last week for some things i am needing or wanting but i forgot to tell her so i am needing deodorant.. the big ones are better because those little ones only last like 2 weeks. garments ... i want drilux everything the crew neck mediums. i really want some pictures of better videos on like a camera card of some of the runs from last summer and some of me. some scripture markers i used all my ones that i brought and i have some red penceils but i would use some other colors and stuff. ties haha you will no what its like now ties get old fast when you where them every day. maybe some pants and candy and cookies haha. i love you guys so much. hang in there on the college classes hahaha you might have to have ryder help you with that technoligy class

To mom:
hey this week was awesome we had a babtism! her name was gloria. she is so awesome. the rest of the week was normal. it rained about every day. haha. we were working really hard all week and it seemed like nothing was happening. then it was just like bam you have been babtized haha. the week before GLoria told us that she wouldnt go to church and that was it. so we just to her to pray and ask god if she should go to church the next day. we got there and she was there. and was babtized the next week. then last night we found a family that is so awesome. they are struggling right now they are without lights or water at their house but they have so much faith that god will help them. she wife started crying while we were teaching here and she said that they had been praying for god to send them angels to help them . then in the next hour we nocked on there door. it was the coolest thing ever. now all they have to do is read and pray and they will get an answere that this is the true church of jesus christ. prayer is a powerful thing never forget that.

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