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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

week 30

hey so this week was good. it was so hot all week . we worked a bunch and when saterday and sunday got here i was so tired. with the sun and everything i was worn out haha today i have just sat around and been lazy all day haha. so all week we went to jose and valdacys and we didnt find them at home all week. they dont have a phone either so when sat got here we had thought that they wouldnt be babtized because the last we talked to them was the last sunday. so the assistants called the leaders of the zone that we live with and were like do whatever you guys need to do to have a babtism in the zone this week. they called everyone and jose and valdacy were the only chance that the zone had. so we thought well about the only time to talk to them would be way early in the morning so we called to get permission to go there really early and the assistants made a promis to us that if we said a prayer of faith and asked to find them in there house at 12:00 the next day they would be there. we had been passing by there all week and 12:00 would be the last time i would have ever guessed to find them. but we did what they said and whent there at 12:00 the next day. they were there and just about to leave for the day. it was a miricle haha. they were ready to be babtized and were sunday. it was so awesome they were so excited and they are so happy now. i hope that they can prepare to go to the temple in a year. i know that your prayers really helped them a lot. for sure it wouldnt have happened without your help. this week pray for daniel. he is a teenager that is awesome too.haha as far as the cleaning i did just that.i will never call president for something stupid like that but i will dix the problem myself haah. for three days the sink in the kitchen sat full of water and dirty dishes. it was so nasty. so i washed everything gave one plate one fork and a cup to everyone and threw everything els away. haha they thought it was funny until the cup of elder gomes broke and he doesnt have one now. haha. maybe he wil take better care now. i talked to jace the other day she said that she talked to you on the face. she said she understood the just of it haha. i understand kind of what you are saying haha. that is rediculose about the saddles haha. i would tell them we want a discount because of that haha. so i havnt gotten anything from cactus yet,but the other elders went to the office today so hopefully they bring me a present home haha. tell kycen his hat is ugly haha. but his horse makes up for it. i am glad that he is doing good at the golf. and it wont be the last buzzer that he hears haha. especially if he isnt practicing. i love you guys so much i hope you have a good week i miss you all and pray for you every night.

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