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Monday, December 9, 2013

week 89

Hey Family,
I am doing good. It seems like when we are doing good and think that we have everything figured out we always need to be humbled a little bit to remember who is really in charge. Last week we baptized without any investigatores and this week we had 4 baptisms fall through. This is the first week in 7 weeks that we didnt baptize. It was really tough to swallow. I know that we didn't baptize because we didn't have enough faith or we forgot to do something during the week. We have like 5 baptisms for sure this week though. I know that I wont let anything get in our way this week. I don't want to feel this way again in these last three weeks. As far as me talking on the 15th that is even better. I will get it out of the way. Talking has never been a problem for me. I think that I will need David in the front row though. I think that it might be the hardest part is remember the words in English. Let me know my topic. It is good to have a topic. I wouldn't like just talking about anything. the mission is so long and we have so many experiences that it would be really hard to put a talk together that is within the time frame and has a point. School looks good. I don't even know how any of that stuff works anymore so when I get home I will be able to look at it a little better. Elder Ilustre got his package this week, but I didn't. I will probably get it the first week in December. 
Last week we went to the boonies. it was cool to get out into ranch country. I will send you some pictures. I think that I will sell my camera before I come home. I dont think that I will use it and its not that good of a camera. There is a member here who is going on his mission in February and is needing one. I will sell it for the price that I bought it for. Today I am going to see jaci so I will tell her hi for you. I love you guys. So you guys know that I will be home on fri. like about 1 o clock. What are your plans for when I get there. Are we going to go straight home? I will need to be released so I need to know if I should ask president to release me or if i will be released at home? I love you guys tell Ryder that I am stoked to sleep in our bed again. I love you all. 

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