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Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 92-94

This week was absolutly crazy. I have had every emotion you can think of. Well yesterday I got to church and bishop was like oh Elder Winn you will be talking today. I asked him for how long? He said well I dont know yet. 5 or 10 min. I will tell you when its your turn. The funny thing is that I choose to talk exactly about faith. I think it is the principle that I have learned the most about. THen at santa Barbara I got there and what do you know I was asked to talk again. hahahaha Yeah it will be three times in two weeks. I talked about the holy ghost in santa barbara though. I wont lie to you guys I cried like a baby last night. I will miss it so much here. the people are so awesome. The same pain that I felt when I had to leave you guys to come here I am feeling for the people here. I am for sure not ready for the clod and the snow but I am excited to see you guys. I will go to Salvador tomorrow morning. I will stay at the staff house then on Wednesday we will visit some tourist sites. If you could put a little money in my account that would be nice. Like just enough to travel and stuff. I miss you but will see you all soon. I love you all. ..... oh yeah WE BAPTIZED!!!

I am scared that I dont know how to talk in english any more. I really think that I dont remember how to talk about the gospel in english. In portuguese its easy to talk even without planning, but english I dont know. ..... how are you guys? What you guys gonna do this week.

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