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Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 90

This week was good. We worked hard like normal. We had the first baptism ever held in the city of Santa Bárbara!! For the very first time in history the sign of the preisthood was raised in that town. It was so cool. Her name is Luclésia, She choose me to baptize her.I was so proud of her faith and confidence in the Lord. She has never even seen the church. She has been to the group meetings three times where we hold our meetings in a garage, and she still had the faith to recieve an answer from God and made the decision to be baptized. I will try to send you some pictures. We baptized her in a swimming pool of a person that we made our friend for that reason .... baptize in his pool hahahaha. Here are some names for you. Rafaela, Taislange, Verônica, João, Emili, Emerson, Tainara, Juarez, Lucia, Fabíola, Tailane, Eduardo, Luan, Maria, and, Fernando. These are the people that we want to baptize this week. Our Goal is 10 baptisms so all your prayers will help us out for sure. 
As far as school I think that it will be better if you email her from my email. One I dont have a lot of time today, since we have to send in a report about all the Elders and Sisters, and two I will probably spell something wrong for sure and they dont have spell checker in english here. hahahaha. 
I am trying not to think about when I get home too, but its really hard. I am working like normal, I am not letting it get to me, but every once in a while thoughts enter about home hahaha. I think I want to eat at a simple place, like a mexican restaurante. Yeah mexican for sure hahahaha. Its been a long time since I ate Mexican. That is way funny about the bathroom though. I all ways used yours anyway hahaha. It will be good to have a shower that works though. I cant believe that in about two weeks I will see you guys. I am excieted. Bring a coat for me. I love you all. Have a good week. 

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