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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We finally received Taylor's letter he sent on March 22 he said it was a package with a jersey for Kycen well the great and wonderful Customs has a new owner of a jersey. You guessed no jersey just the letter and inside the letter was some bracelets for Kycen and Ryder.  Kycen was so bummed he has been waiting forever for this package we will keep hoping that maybe it will show up(I highly doubt it.)  So today Elder Winn leaves the CTM and heads to Salvador so our prayers are with him. In his letter he said he was getting bored he felt like he was in a cement prison and all he could see was skyscrapers for as far as he could see. So we hope he doesn't feel so trapped when he gets to Salvador he said he can't wait to be able to walk and teach and talk to people imagine him wanting to talk to people.  "eu amo voces" He sent a leaf from one of the trees and had written this message on it he told us to look it up well as I was looking it up Ryder said mom your so retarded and Brian was trying to explain to Ryder that we don't say retarded and why and what it meant when just as serious as can be he said then I am retarded dad and he said no your  not and he goes "well I cant' read someone has to help me so I am retarded" how can you look him in the face and not just be rolling on the ground laughing (because we were) Then outside we were painting the alley way in our arena and Kycen said Ryder I will pay you to do this for me and his dad said ask him if he takes IOU's and Kycen said no straight cash again Ryder had us rolling on the ground he said No I ride "Cash"(his horse) and I am not giving him to you. So after 5 days off we were all ready to come back to work to rest so I am pretty sure Taylor is glad he missed this first Easter/spring break at home and not at a High school rodeo we didn't waste a minute wondering what to do... Well we will let you know as soon as we hear from Taylor..

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