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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 9

haha I am glad to hear kycen has finally been bucked off it is about time.but when i first looked at that picture i thought it was our two year old. the conference was awesome. elder clayton of the 70 spoke and his thing she said was be the missionary your mom thinks you are haha i liked that. the language is getting better. i can speak my part of  the  lesson pretty good now but i am far from fluent. it is so difficult but yeah it is getting better. oh and vocsês is plural if you are telling one persone i love you it is eu amo você. so this week was a little difficult because we didnt have any money haha. because the other missionaries got robbed they needed to borrow money to get to salvador and the last two days we were completly broke haha. i didnt want to use a lot of my personal money but i did a little. but we still managed to buy some coke so it was ok haha. we have some really good investigators right now. one is name john kenned!  haha i like his name because i can remember it. he is 16 years old. one way cool thing that happened this week was he said, that i said ones phrase during one of the visits and he felt completly different like he knew what i was saying was true. that was sooo cool that i know,  that i am actually helping people not just blabbering not knowing if i am saying things right. i have been taking my rope with me more and i chased some goats this week haha. i also will send a picture of the back window of a car that had a picture of a calfroper on it it was awesome haha not much different this week.

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