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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

week 10

hey i got packages today!!!!! i dont know what ones but the other elders in our house went to salvador today and we called them and they said i had two packages! i am so excited haha. We get on the computer at a lan house. it is just a intrnet cafe place with a lot of computers. haha yeah i get ran over a lot but i am getting better and better. haha keep on them about my saddle i wanna see some pictures of it.
so this week was a tough week our best investigator doesnt want to be babtized now. it seemed like we could only find people to talk to that didnt really care. it was so frustrating, but one good thing was that we had a investigator stop drinking coffee and wine! that was way cool. we only have one more week in this transfer it is crazy how fast time is going. i miss roping a lot haha i think about it all the time. its kinda funny my companion laughs at me when i imaginary rope things while we are walking haha. 
! i am so excited to talk to you guys i cant wait.

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