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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 12

 That sucks that you didn't get to go to Chases homecoming I bet it was way cool. I am in the same house that Elder Mitchel was in. This week was the best and the worst all in the same week. the worst because Elder Natchigal was transferred and he was way cool. the new elder is Elder --- and he is a total tool. haha we don't like him very much because the second day he was here he called the assistants and complained to them that there was a lot of disobedience here and all this stuff. the part that made us more mad is that he didn't even talk to us about it first. haha maybe its because i always say what i think or what(takes after his mom I guess we say it how it is and then you have a chance to say what you think and then we go on) but that really bugs me when people are babies. the best part was that I had my first BABTISM!! Adriana de Jesus Nacimento was her name. I  told you about how it was a miracle we were teaching her but this week we learned it was a even bigger miracle. She didn't even know this member she is living with. she is 17 years old and was at the bus station and started talking to this member about how much it cost to live in different places and stuff like that. then sister rita (the member) said oh just come to my house have something to eat and you can figure out what you want to do.(The Brazilian people are so nice and giving I can't imagine bringing a complete stranger to my house we could all learn from them)  Well they started talking more and decided that sister rita would just take her in and she is living there now. it was such an awesome experience I cant even explain it. I had to baptize her twice because she forgot to plug her nose the first time and started flopping around under the water haha. one thing that was cool too was that it was stake conference last Sunday and President and Sister Hart were here for that so I had Sister and President Hart at my very first baptism. oh and President Hart gave me permission to take my rope with me all the time if I want! how cool is that. then today for pday we had a zone thing at the institute building. they had a pool table and ping pong and basketball and soccer. it was way cool. but we played soccer and now I am sore haha bad idea. me and Elder Hubbard were like that was not the smartest thing to do haha. I am getting a hair cut today so I will have to send you some pictures next week. . That is so funny that Ryder is trying to tie goats. send me some pictures. i love you guys.

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