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Monday, January 14, 2013

week 44

haha i am so glad that you got my package. the jersy with the hart isnt a jersy it was a shirt that our zone made haha. the hats are made out of leather because that is what the cowboys wear here. they chase bulls through really thick country so they wear leather everything. they even put leather on there horses. the other jerseys i sent because i was running out of room in my bags. so last night i heard some bad news. Elder T was sent home. I talked to madsen today, and he said that he just didn't change. Madsen said that he whent home with honors though so at least that is good.  the rest of the week was good. Me and Elder Marcolino made bbq saturday night. it was so good. it was a little hard to work this week because here on holidays everything shuts down. Like all the places to use the computers are shut down today. i lucked out and a member had a computer so i could send this to you today. i will email some more tomorrow because i only have a little time today.we live close to the church here it is like two roads away. and yeah we have a laundry machine . all the missionary houses have clothes washers. the new years here was pretty docile. they had some fireworks but not a lot. they weren´t as big as they are in the states either. we climbed up on top of our house and watched them. time is going by so fast. i cant belive that its 2013. like i was trying to remember what i did last new years and i kept thinking of the new years from two years ago thinking that it was last year haha. you will have to send me some pictures from christmas. i hope that you guys get feeling better. we have been a little sick here. not bad sometimes we just get headaches. i think it is from the sun. one of my new year goals is to drink less coke. i know that it would be an unreal goal to say i was going to stop compleatly so i am just going to slow down haha. the next package i will send you guys so dvds and cds from here. some that have the videos of there vacajada ( mexican rodeos haha) love you guys i will write you more tomorrow.

we made hot dogs and just meat haha you never really know what part of the bull the meat comes from you just cook it real well and bless it before you eat it hahaha. what ever part it came from it was crazy good. haha. our neighbor is the missionary mom here and she had a bbq thing. it is just a box on a stand with a place to put a stove thing then you put coals in the bottom . i will take a picture and send it to you guys next time. yeah i hope that he got your package for him too. i didnt even think to ask madsen if he did or not. yeah i really did learn a lot at the double dollar. mostly about how to handle myself. it amazes me how many people here dont know what it is like in the real world. they have lived there entire lives in a sheltered box, haha i know i made a lot of bad decisions but i am glad i did sometimes because they helped me grow. i love you mom i hope that you get feeling better.

hey can you send some stuff from home to elder marolino he will pay me for it . he wants a real rubix cube, maple, skip-bo, and some american candy. if you can i will tell him how much it is and he will give me the cash. thanks love you. (The Brazilians want American too)

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