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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

week 3

hey i loved the letters and pictures you guys sent. ryders paintings were my favorite though... so the rest of you guys better step up if you don't want him to be my favorite... dad it is so cool you wrote about 2 Nephi 31 because me and elder ortega have done all our baptism and holy ghost lessons from that chapter. it is an amazing chapter and has helped me as much as anything. kycen that is way cool to hear that you have been playing good! i am so proud of you. tell me was dad lying when he said he almost got fell off but stayed on? or did he really fall off lebron? ha so mom says you don't want to break in my saddle for me when it gets there? tell brelynn i loved the picture and letter it made me smile haha tell her i will write them a letter when i get time hopefully soon. mom i am out haha i think i have gained weight if anything. i weigh 155 now and only 150 when i left. i have gym 4 days a week though and i am not sure what i am going to have to eat when i get to Salvador so i am taking advantage of the ctm. i still don't know what i am eating most of the time, but it all tastes pretty good. i still suck at Portuguese if you were wondering haha. i can tell a difference in my vocabulary like i can day basic things but i don't know if i say them right or not most the time haha. the hardest part for me is understanding what people are saying. it is so frustrating. today we had trc. that is where you teach in this room that looks like a living room and it is recorded so you can watch it and get feed back. usually we teach instructors but today we taught teenage kids from a ward near here it was kinda cool! but made it even harder to understand them haha. i hope i start to figure it out soon because i only have 2 more weeks in the ctm. the time is going by so fast it is insane.
so last night we were studying outside and i am not sure if it was a bar or a club or what but a place close was playing American music really loud! they played taylor swift, and timberland haha it was so awesome to hear some songs that reminded me of home. taylor swift .. so mean came on and i instantly thought of ryder and dotti hahahaha it was awesome. oh yeah and my companions and some of my district thought your idea about how to write letters during lab was awesome haha they were like i love how your mom is telling you how to break the rules! but that is what i am doing now hahaha. so in my letter i sent i told you about how i have became good friends with jason ridlensbachers nephew and its so crazy how small the world is. but he started this thing where he has taken pictures tebowing in random places so me and him are having this contest throughout our mission to see who can find the coolest place to tebow and take a picture of it and send to each other haha it is going to be awesome. i have gained a strong testimony of the book of Mormon and how i know if we read it everyday then it will help everyone with any problem they might have. i love you guys so much and i am going to need to get a new picture book to hold all the pictures i am getting i love it so much. but i have found out if the letters have pictures in them they take a lot longer to get here for some reason. like last tues i had like 5 letters with pictures that needed to be developed so i said to just send them to me when they got them developed but its sat now and i still haven't gotten them yet :( i love you guys. the church is true and the book is blue
um about the lizard i am sending another letter through mission ties in a little bit that will explain that more haha love you guys
i tried to tell dad that gray was the best there is plane and simple!!!
Ok I have to clarify I  did not tell him how to break the rules I just gave him some tips from one of the guys I work with his boy was in the Provo MTC and they said that is what they use to do. They have lab and in the lab they can sign on to their lds account and within it there is a study notebook so they can write things down then on pday they just cut and paste what they wrote so they have more time.   

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  1. Thank you so much for posting taylor's letters. That is a great idea and I loved reading it. I look forward to reading his others in the future. I have always thought of him as a little brother and loved him like one too. It's amazing how much he has already grown, what an incredible kid!