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Sunday, June 3, 2012

week 13

that is so cool about the winns i am so glad to hear that they are doing good. no we dont have to take worm things anymore they just give you one pill at the end of your mission that kills any paracite that you have. they call it the bomb. this week was long haha we were supose to have a zone conference but the bus company when on strike. so we were all excited to get packages and letters but it didnt happen so we were bummed all week. elder--- is getting better. he cleaned our entire house today so i like him today haha. yeah i have been teaching elder hubbard how to rope the inside leg. he is getting better. i told him if can catch me 5 times in a row he can have a rope when cactus sends them, and if he catches me 10 times i will buy some chocolate for him. haha he caries a rope with him everyday too. this week we had an investigator who recieved an answer though a dream it was so cool. she dreamed that she saw the most beautiful font of water, and she put her big toe in the water and felt the most happy she had ever felt. she said it was the same happieness that she had when her children were born. it was so cool. i dont care if you send me long emails i love hearing from you guys. i am going to find you a cool birthday present but it will be a little late getting too you hahaha love you guys so much

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