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Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 14

i live the pictures haha ryder is so funny. i am diggin the suspenders.we have been getting up and going to the church and playing soccer every morning and now we are going to play both(they went and bought a basketball). it is cool they have church ball here only they play soccer instead of basketball. we played last tuesday and there is this one guy in our ward who is going to canada to play pro soccer and he told me seriously you have a future in soccer hahahahaahaha i said yeah but i live in the usa where nobody cares about soccer haha. but that was cool that he told me that. this week was pretty normal but i saw some monkeys! they were two little tiny ones and it was funny they were in this tree on the other side of the road while we were waiting for the bus. one of them jumped out of the tree and ran across the road into a bar, jumped on this chair that a lady was sitting on then ran up the wall. haha it was crazy it scared the crap out of her. that is way cool kycen that you won all that stuff. are those crooked sturrups for me ? haha i hope you have a good week. i am going to send a package in the next couple of weeks. i have a package from you guys that i am going to get tomorrow.

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