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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

week 15

well first off elder hubbard says he loves you haha. no soccer is not my best sport haha. we bought a basketball last week so we have been playing ball more. we go to the church every morning and play basketball or football. that really sucks about your foot but its a good thing it is getting better. that sounds so awesome about the bfi. this week was crazy. we had a lot of stuff. president hearts kid was here and he and his family are really good at singing and musical stuff so they did a show for us . we got packages friday. it was the one with the pens and pictures. so the whole thing about the stickers is a myth haha. the mail isnt that bad here if you claim it at customs and it doesnt get here then i get money for it. but it does take a long time. then we had the celibration for the temple in manas. it was way cool. then sunday we had the dedication itself. president ukdorff dedicated it. then we had another babtism sunday. her name was antonia. she is like 60 years old. she has four kids who were members all ready. it was a roller coster ride though because her son was planned to babtize her but he was an hour and a half late. so we were like oh i will just babtize you. then we were taking pictures and her son showed up. then she was afraid of the water. and he said the prayer wrong and she forgot to plug her nose. she did not like it at all. she started crying and tried to run out and her son grabbed her and calmed her down and finally she was babtized and it was so cool. she was so happy after and her whole family was there. it was really nerve racking haha. me and elder hubbard only have 2 more weeks together. it is crazy how fast time is going. i hope you guys have a good week and i love you guys so much

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