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Monday, March 4, 2013

week 53

hahaha that is funny about bam. the funny part is that you thought i would feel bad. like you thought i wouldn't have done the same thing to him hahha. yeah it is really hard to want to get up and get out of bed in the mornings when its nice and cold haha. i sleep so good. if i could i would take it with me but i don't think it would fit in my bag haha. No Leo wasn't baptized. we learned that he has a dad so we have to find his dad and get him to sign the papers for him. they had efy in Salvador. they only have efy here every 4 years. i kinda wish i would have went to efy before. i was all ways to distracted with other things. we are teaching a lot of people they just don't want to come to church. its really sad. its like you work hard all week to have no one go to church. but we are teaching one lady who was a professional hand ball player! she has traveled all over the world to play hand ball i thought that was pretty cool. i cant believe that my truck broke down already. like you just barely got it back. you guys are hard on trucks haha. so wanna know something crazy Elder Hubbard will go home in 10 weeks. time goes by so freaking fast. i cant believe it. i think you should secretary the roping's. its smarter. you don't need to send me Dave's music i cant listen to it here, but i will when I get home for sure. haha i wish it was 80 degrees here. its still really hot here haha. this week was pretty normal. it seems like each week goes by faster than the last. i got my new tag so i will send you guys a package here in a week or so. i will by some more stuff to send to you guys. i miss you guys and love you all. have a good week.
ok i will look for some more of them to send to him. that is so cool about greys tail i am glad to see that you guys are taking care of y things.... well except for my truck hahaha  haha yeah sounds like it. just don't talk grandpa into giving you my new truck before i get home i would like it to run when i get it hahaha.
yeah i think we take for granted lots of times what we have. we go through hard times but it could be worse i think. i love you. no i didn't get the package. i will have him send you the things he wants and his address because i don't think i will be here by the time it gets here. maybe i will get packages this week.
this week was pretty normal. not a lot exciting happened. we worked hard all week and nobody went to church it was a real bummer. we are trying to get into the English schools here to help teach English and find some more investigators. i think it will be something really cool if we can get it to work. that sucks when you rope good and don't do good. its like i would rather just rope bad sometimes haha. i am glad to hear gray is working good. mom told me a little bit about how he worked and it remind me of the big bratt when i won it. he worked so awesome there. that is nuts that he is going to Africa. do you know if he will have to speak another language? there are some places there that speak Portuguese. i cant believe that Brandon is all ready gone and that Dixon will have his call soon. its still crazy to me to see all my friends that had no desire before all going on missions now. i don't know if i got the picture of grey? i found a site that is about team roping in Brazil and they have a lot of videos on YouTube form team roping here its kinda cool its kinda funny some of them. i hope that i can work for cactus maybe as an interpreter and come back here to rope i think it would be so cool. i miss you hope you have a good week.

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