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Monday, March 4, 2013

week 52

haha well i was on on sat becasue i am training Tangren and he has to do some activities on the computer so i was looking at the scores of the basketbal game and i couldnt believe that they got throttled so bad ha. that really sucks for them. that sucks about the package. and even worse becasue  i wont get the dr pepper hahaha. thats ok about the cherries i dont even use it haha. it is so good without it. that is so cool about annie. i am so proud that you won haha. it just takes me not being there for you to win. no we didnt babtize this week. Leo the nefew of marjory his dad hasnt decided if he is going to let him be babtized or not yet. today is the day we will learn about the transfers. i think i will stay here, this week we recieved the greatest blessing i have gotten in a long time hahah. we had a member give us an air conditioner!!!!!!!!!! it is so nice to sleep with a blanket again haha. we moved our house all around and put all of our beds in one room. we get home and plan and then we lock ouselves inour room and turn on th ac hahah it is so amazing. this week willl be crazy normally we have transfers on tuesday but its being moved to wed. now. so i dont know how it is all going to work out. so we learned why we all got sick. they are having problems with the water here. so now i just drink coke ;) hahah just kiddin we by bottled water. so last week we made apple crisp too. it was one of the best things that i have made here hahaha. i am so greatful that my mom taught me how to cook. so what are you guys doing now that basketball and everything is over. can you still ride in te arena? have there been any ropings? one lesson that i learned this week  is that God knows what we need to grow. we were talking bout how people in different times have different challenges. i realized that God sent us now because the challenges of today are the things we have to learn to deal with because maybe the other difficulties we can all ready handle. we are here to grow. if it was easy we wouldnt grow. i hope you have a good week. i love you guys 

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