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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 55

its all good. this week. the heat sparked back up and it was 120 this week for about a week. it really makes it hard to work when it is that hot but we are trying hard. even the people from here are struggling with the heat. getting people to come to church seems like our biggist difficulty. yeah it is not as humid here but its so hot it doesnt matter if its humid or not. we are teaching Joseli, Adriana, Aparaciera and her family, and leo. those are our best investigatores right now. its startting to get more and more difficult for me because i have worked in like all of my area. i am running out of ideas. we are trying to keep our heads up though. the horses look good. i like the pictures where i can see the yard and my truck. its the little things that you start to miss the most. i know how quinn feels. at first it is almost good to get a little break from it all, but then after a little while you just start to miss it. it doesnt matter what you do you cant get your horses, roping, nothing out. i walk everywhere roping imaginary steers. i think people think i am crazy. i try to stop and just focuse on why i am here, but i cant get it out of my head. i miss you guys i love you and hope you have a good week. pry for my investigatores they need. it. .... oh yeah we all had to talk at church this week. it whent good. we all did good. only Elder Benegas who is from argintina was hard to understand,but it was way cool. i used a story out of the book kim hafen gave me. i talked about service and how that we need to give not only physical service to people but spiritual too. we need to feed people spirtually by sharing the gospel more. have a good week .

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