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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Week 56

hey this week was a good week. we worked our butts off and had a bunch of people that said they were going to go to church with us. then sunday morning came around and we had nobody at church. hahaha. oh how i was happy hahaha. but its alll good. i did my part and thats all i can do. that is so cool about Dixon i am so stoked for him. he is going to love it. yeah it is supose to be fall here but in petrolina they only have one season. summer hahaha. its still hot and i dont think it will change. We did see one miricle this week. it rained thursday night!!!! hahah  that sucks about the rodeo. i am sorry i wasnt there to bale you guys out haha. we had some conferences this week. they were really good. i got to see President Hart. Sister Hart has a picture of me roping and she is going to try and paint it if she gets time. it will be so sick. As for the bed, Kycen may be getting bigger but i am still not afraid of him. i know he is still soft inside. i wont have problems beating on him hahaha. hey i wanted to see if you could sent me some mircle whip maynoese and some alfredo sauce? they dont have those here. so funny story this week we set up a appt. with a less active member to make pancakes with them friday night. so we went to our house and then remembered that we had an appointment on the other side of town at that same time. so i gave a crash course on how to make pancakes to elder marcolino and me and Tangren went running to the other side town and told them we would came help with the panicakes after. so normally it takes 30 min from our house to the appointment. The pancakes were 15 min from our house. so we got done at our appointment at 8 o clock. we called marcolino and he was like they are about done you are going to miss it, but you know me i love pancakes. so we took off and made it to the house of the pancakes in 25 min. it should have took us like 45 min but we ran like half of it hahaha. We were pretty sore the next day hahaha. Tangren was like the first  time i ran in like 3 years hahaha. it was really funny. i love you guys have a good week.

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